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CM Warns Against Point-scoring On Water

CM Warns Against Point-scoring On Water

CM Warns Against Point-scoring On Water
CM Warns Against Point-scoring On Water

Emphasizing the need to resolve all problems through mutual understanding, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that there should be no point-scoring on the issue of water.

Speaking on the floor of the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday, the chief minister stated the conspiracy to create a conflict between Sindh and Punjab would be foiled. He said Punjab did not want to have even a single drop of water from the share of Sindh, reiterating that it would not surrender its share either.

He said the prime minister had the right to nominate IRSA member from any part of the country, adding some elements wanted to create a clash between Punjab and Sindh over the water issue but they would not succeed in their designs.

He said, during the IRSA meeting presided over by the PM the other day, he had highlighted the wrongdoing of the dictator with regard to the formation of the IRSA. As a remedial step, he said, another meeting of IRSA would be held soon to reorganize the institutions according to the law.

He said Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa were the bastions of Pakistan and would strengthen the country collectively. He said the IRSA would be reorganized in accordance with the Constitution.

The CM went on to say that the dictator had pushed Pakistan to the verge of disaster and the country was still facing the negative effects of his policies. He said the dictator had not only violated the Constitution but also destroyed the IRSA through an executive order in violation of all rules and regulations. The opposition, which had not raised its voice over the ruination of the institution by the dictator, had no right to speak over the issue now, he said.

He expressed his appreciation for Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah who had said in a meeting that the water issue would be resolved in a cordial manner, just like the NFC Award.

He said that the elements who wanted to create dissension among the federating units would have to face disappointment. He added the solidarity of the country was very dear to him and he would not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the purpose.

Earlier, the PA session started with a delay of nearly two hours with Speaker Rana Mohammed Iqbal Khan in the chair.

Opposition leader Chaudhry Zaheer ud Din Khan protested against the closure of Chashma-Jehlum Link canal. He along with some members of PML-Q staged walkout and demanded immediate opening of the canal which was inevitable to save the land of the province from infertility.

Later, talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly, Zaheer said it was strange that the Punjab CM had gone to Islamabad to plead the case of Punjab but, quite surprisingly, his efforts had ended in the closure of the CJ Link Canal. He said the closure of the canal was categorically highlighted in the media reports but the CM and his allies were still negating them in the House.

The PML-Q leader said the canal must be reopened as its closure could play havoc with the population associated with agriculture.

The Opposition members, including Amir Talal Gopang, Mohsin Leghari and Tahir Chaudhry, were also present.

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