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Fashion For Flood Relief: Good Clothes For A Good Cause

Fashion For Flood Relief: Good Clothes For A Good Cause

Fashion for Flood Relief: good clothes for a good cause
Fashion for Flood Relief: good clothes for a good cause

LAHORE: In the past week, citizens have been busy collecting funds and items for flood victims. In this regard a special event was scheduled titled ‘Fashion for Flood Relief’ at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. Top designers displayed their collections at minimum prices, the receipts from which were donated to flood victims.

Designer wear, furniture, make-up vouchers, jewellery and other items were on sale at slashed prices. The event kicked off at 4pm with people queuing up 30 minutes earlier. The entry into the hall was for Rs 300, which was being given by the wife of the Punjab governor, Amna Taseer. Moreover, T-shirts, which had ‘Love’, and Pakistan’s map imprinted on them were being sold for Rs 400 each.

The event received great response with nearly 60 percent of the items being sold out in the first hour.

Rema, a graduate of the University College Lahore, and her friend Mehru who is studying fashion in the US, came up with the idea while discussing the country’s flood crisis. “We wanted to gather the fashion industry for this noble cause. We both started calling up designers who wanted to come aboard and the amazing thing is that no one backed out,” Rema and Mehru told Daily Times.

“We are aiming for 10,000 bags of relief items for flood victims before Eid. Each bag costs Rs 2,000 and weighs around 25 kilogrammes. We will start purchasing the bags as soon as we are done with the sales,” they said.

A buyer, Kazim, who bought a few clothes, said his mother was very eager about the event. “We have been donating at different venues in the past few days, but I must admit that my mother had a personal interest in this event. Though she wanted to buy clothes at cheap rates, but at the same time we knew that the money would be utilised for a noble cause,” he said.

Also, with Eid being around the corner, residents seem to be not as enthusiastic as usual about celebrating it due to the flood crisis. “I don’t want to buy clothes this year because the flood victims barely have enough food and I want to donate all I can to support them,” said Rashid at Liberty Market.

“Although my children are young, but still I will try and persuade them to donate all the shopping money for the flood victims because we have access to these things all the time,” he added.


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