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Govt fails To Pass Women University Multan Bill

Govt fails To Pass Women University Multan Bill

Govt fails To Pass Women University Multan Bill
Govt fails To Pass Women University Multan Bill

THE Opposition in the Punjab Assembly on Monday foiled the bid of the coalition partners to pass “The Women University Multan Bill 2010” after it pointed out quorum.

The Treasury could not pass the bill for the second consecutive day after the Opposition pointed out quorum. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashud had to adjourn the proceedings till Tuesday (today).

Immediately after the Treasury took up The Women University Multan Bill 2010 clause-by-clause, Mohsin Leghari from the Opposition pointed out the quorum. The chair asked for ringing the bells for five minutes but the Treasury could not gather the required strength as there were only 63 members present in the House at that time.

Earlier, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan constituted a parliamentary committee to review Pakistan’s transit for Delhi-Kabul trade under the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement.

Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi from the MMA, on a point of order, expressed his serious concerns over the federal government for not taking the Punjab government into confidence on the pact. He said New Delhi had turned down Pakistan’s demand for transit to have an access to Bhutan, Nepal and Far East and demanded the House debate on it.

PPP’s Azma Zahid Bokhari along with other female parliamentarians criticised Mr Niazi for derogatory remarks against the federal government, however, the Speaker expunged the objectionable remarks.

Meanwhile, the Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, on a point of order, said that the issue was of immense importance and suggested the Speaker to constitute a committee comprising besides him (Rana Sana), Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Zaheeruddin and Mohsin Khan Leghari.

The law minister, however, urged Raja Riaz and Tanvir Ashraf Kaira to ensure provision of a copy of the agreement from the federal government to enable the parliamentary committee to have a thorough review.

On a point of order, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Zaheeruddin said that Pakistan must not provide transit to India until and unless the Kashmir issue was resolved in accordance with the UNO resolutions.

Meanwhile, Punjab Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development Malik Ahmed Ali Aulakh told the Punjab Assembly that an effective monitoring system had been placed in all the departments of the ministry for improving its performance.

During question-hour regarding his department, he said all auction and sale of cattle would be done through monitoring committees before the video cameras to ensure transparency.

Aulakh said that on special directive of the Punjab chief minister, a special programme worth Rs 1 billion was launched during fiscal year 2008/09, under which the small and poor farmers were being provided with free vaccination, fodder, de-warming and insemination of their cattle.

This programme, he added, substantially increased the milk production in the province. To a question, he said, Pakistan was the fifth largest milk-producing country in the world with production of 41 billion litres of milk, out of which 60 percent was contributed by Punjab. Livestock and Dairy Development Department had initiated several projects to increase the milk production, he added. The minister admitted that oxytocin hormones injections for buffalos to get more quantity of milk had no injurious effects on human health, citing that dangerous germs vanished during the boiling of milk. He said that the Buffalo Research Institute, Pattoki, was working on conservation and development of the breed of Sahiwal cow and Neeli Ravi and Cholistani buffalo breeds.

Later, MPA Ejaz Ahmed Khan sought from the House one-month extension to the report of Standing Committee on Law and Parliamentary Affairs regarding the Punjab Assembly Privileges (Amendment) Bill 2009 and the house allowed him the extension.

The House also allowed one-month extension to a report of Standing Committee on Labour and Manpower on the request of MPA Tahir Hundli. MPA Nafeesa Amin presented a report of Standing Committee on Health in the House.

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