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Huge Explosion at Japan Nuclear Power Plant

Huge Explosion at Japan Nuclear Power Plant

Huge Explosion at Japan Nuclear Power Plant, A huge explosion is heard on Saturday at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 power plant,about 250km (160 miles) north-east of Tokyo. The blast reportedly left several workers injured. The cooling system of the plant was damaged after a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.9 struck city of Sendai on Friday, which triggered a tsunami, killing more then 1400 people while thousands are missing. The smoke has been seen billowing from the quake affected plant. Emergency has been declared in the nuclear power house and the people are shifted to other areas, in order to protect them from radioactive cesium.

The television pictures of a Japan’s TV showed a massive blast at one of the buildings of the Fukushima 1 plant. A huge cloud of smoke billows out and large bits of debris are flung far from building. The television showed the before and after pictures of the plant. They appeared to show that the roof and walls of the plant had collapsed in the result of explosion.

The Parts of reactor’s nuclear fuel rods were briefly exposed to air this morning after cooling water levels dropped and a fire engine was pumping water into the reactor.

Before the explosion a spokesman for operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) told to an international news agency: “We believe the reactor is not melting down or cracking. We are trying to raise the water level.”

Kyodo news has reported that by Saturday morning more then 20,000 people had been evacuated from the areas around the two troubled nuclear power plants in the Fukushima prefecture.

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