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I am not leaving India: Shoaib Malik

i-am-not-leaving-india-shoaib-malikHYDERABAD DECCAN: Pakistan cricket star Shoaib Malik has said that he is not leaving India until being cleared from the court.

In a joint press conference with her would-be bride Sania Mirza, Shoaib malik said that he is in India and would face the law.

He said that when I come before media then why can’t Ayesha come before TV camera.

Malik said that Ayesha is doing all this just to get cheap publicity. If she has any proof of wedding then she must produce it.

He said that he would not apologies with the Siddiqui Family. He first wanted to do that but now this is the matter of his pride.

Shoaib said that he is fully cooperating with police and handed them his passport on demand.

Sania Mirza said on this occasion that we know the truth and our marriage would take place on April 15 and if it is postponed media would be informed.

She said that media instead of blaming should wait for the court decision. We want to be cleared before our wedding.

Meanwhile, sources said that the family of Shoaib Malik has made reservation for visit to India and they are leaving on April 7. His mother, sister, brother-in-law and children are among those going to India for participating in the wedding ceremony.

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