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Imran Flays Nawaz For Media Attack

Imran Flays Nawaz For Media Attack

Imran Flays Nawaz For Media Attack
Imran Flays Nawaz For Media Attack

CHAIRMAN Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan has lambasted PML-N Quaid Nawaz Shari for spearheading a frontal assault on the media.

Imran said during the previous tenure of N, it had also targeted a leading newspaper group for state persecution. Nawaz Sharif has a long history of confrontation with state institutions characterised by episodes as shameful as the attack on the Supreme Court, said he, adding his whole political career is marked by flagrant duplicity and unabashed self-service.

He further said Nawaz Sharif had siphoned off his ill amassed wealth and assets abroad and had sold his soul to the USA. He added that Nawaz also sabotaged the principled stand taken by the All Parties Democratic Alliance by reneging on his commitment of boycotting the 2008 elections. He first categorically opposed the policy of military operations, only to go back on his own words he jumped onto the American bandwagon of War on Terror. Before the elections 2008, he went to the extent of taking oath from all his party candidates for the restoration and independence of the judiciary, only to sell the glorious movement down the river in March 2009 by calling off the long march at Gujranwala after reaching an understanding with the guardians of the Dogar Court.

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