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JICA Team Visits EPD

JICA Team Visits EPD

JICA team visits EPD
JICA team visits EPD

A TEAM of JICA Thursday visited the Punjab Environment Protection Department (EPD) to evaluate the mid-term progress of technical cooperation programme for the establishment of Environmental Monitoring System in Pakistan.

Dr Shagufta Shahjehan, director general, EPD, said the programme was under implementation in four provincial EPAs and federal EPA simultaneously. Monitoring stations and many sophisticated equipment have been supplied under this project, she said, adding that the evaluation team committee headed by UDA Tomoyuki, co-team leader, Tadashi Shigemoto, Daisaku Kiyota, JICA expert and JICA appreciated the performance of the EPA, Punjab.

She stated that the JICA team said that staff of the EPA lab was playing a leading role among all the EPAs and JICA wanted to send the team of experts of EPA, Punjab, to other provinces. The keen interest of secretary and director general of the EPD has played major role in motivation of technical staff of EPA to perform monitoring of air and water monitoring with the sophisticated equipment, JICA experts said.

The Environment Protection Department plays role as a counterpart and has provided JICA office accommodation and given under taking for operation and maintenance of these equipment through its non-development budget.

The secretary environment said the EPD had already got approval for extra budget from Finance Department and summary for allocation of budget was in process in Finance Department.

The EPA, Punjab, has been continuously monitoring air quality of Lahore city which is displayed on SPM display boards and sent to the district coordination officer and transport department for improvement of air quality of the city.

With the same equipment provided by the JICA the surface water bodies (rivers, lakes and wet lands) of all the Punjab have been monitored. Similarly the EPA has sampled and tested arsenic in drinking water throughout the Punjab with the help of these equipment.

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