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Jinnah Hospital Deputy Medical

Jinnah Hospital Deputy Medical

Jinnah Hospital deputy medical
Jinnah Hospital deputy medical

DEPUTY Medical Superintendent of the Jinnah Hospital has allegedly strangled his wife after subjecting her to torture over a domestic issue in the Johar Town Police limits.

The police have registered a case (No 619/10) on the complaint of the victim’s brother Zafar Abbas and booked Dr Yadullah under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The victim was identified as Fiza Ghazanfar, 33. The body had been shifted to morgue for autopsy.

Dr Yadullah had two children-a four-year-old son, who is suffering from cancer and six-month-old baby, from Fiza.

Dr Yadullah, who is working as deputy medical superintendent in the Emergency Department of the Jinnah Hospital, allegedly strangled his wife with tying a rope around her neck late on Saturday night. The complainant of the FIR stated that he was informed by Dr Yaddullah at around 9:30pm about the death of his sister Fiza. He said that he immediately reached the Jinnah Hospital where Yadullah informed him that Fiza had died of the cardiac arrest.

Soon after the incident, other relatives of Fiza reached the hospital and took her body to the house where her aunt found marks of torture around the victim’s neck. Dr Yadullah was asked about the torture marks but he could not give any satisfactory answer. The complainant said that first Yadullah informed them that Fiza had died of the heart attack but later changed his version and said that she had died of an electric shock and finally he said that Fiza had committed suicide. As the doctor was asked that why and how she had committed suicide, Yadullah said that Fiza had tied a rope around her neck and hanged herself with the lock of window, the complainant said, adding that Yadullah stated that as he entered the room by breaking the door, he found Fiza unconscious and took her to the hospital.

After suspecting the involvement of Dr Yadullah in the death of Fiza, her family informed the police who arrested the accused after registering a case.

Another family member of victim said the couple had been quarrelling for the last few months over the accused’s relation with some other girl. He said Fiza used to ask Yadullah not to talk with any girl while sitting with her but he refused to do so and lately he had even started beating her.

It was also said that Yadullah had also not allowed Fiza to attend his calls or check the texts messages. It was also learnt that the accused had planned to marry another woman.

Chief Executive of Jinnah Hospital, Dr Javed Akram, said that Dr Yadullah was a competent doctor, adding that he had settled in the doctors’ colony of the Jinnah Hospital few months back. Dr Ikram claimed that he himself carried out investigation in the colony and could not find any evidence of torture.

Investigation Inspector of Johar Town Police Station Muhammad Anwar Cheema said the cause of the killing would be ascertained after post-mortem. He said the accused doctor was in police custody and investigation was underway.

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