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KES, UNWFP Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

KES, UNWFP Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

KES, UNWFP celebrate World Humanitarian Day
KES, UNWFP celebrate World Humanitarian Day

LAHORE: The Kinnaird Environment Society (KES) celebrated the World Humanitarian Day on Tuesday in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP).

KC Principal Dr Rukhsana David, Vice Principal Dr Nikhat Khan, KES Adviser Dr Saleema and various other heads of departments attended the event. The event included several activities meant to project hope and humanitarian values within the youth. The audience were shown a range of documentaries related to the World Humanitarian Day. Also, the KC principal and KES President Anum Zia delivered speeches on this occasion, highlighting the importance of humanitarian efforts being carried out across the world. “We must learn to extend our hand to any and every human being, irrespective of his colour, creed or caste”, the president said. The event also included the prize distribution ceremony of the “KES Being Human Competition”, initiated by the KES in relation with the world humanitarian day. The judges of the competition were Nuzhat Sadia and Jaweriya from WWF media and environment departments. Mohsin Jehangir won the first prize for his documentary “change for humanity”, and was awarded Rs 5000 and a shield. Maryam Javaid from Lahore College for Women University won the second prize for her essay on “being human” and was awarded Rs 3000 and a shield, whereas Mohammad Arslan Nasir from SICAS won the third prize for his poem and was awarded Rs 2000 and a shield.

KES also collected funds for the flood victims on this occasion. The audience actively participated in all the activities and donated whole-heartedly in order to help those affected by the floods. The event ended on this hopeful speech by the KES, “Humanity awaits humanity, and it is these efforts which will propel the process forward”.

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