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Lahore Reels Under Rain Fallout

Lahore Reels Under Rain Fallout

Lahore reels under rain fallout
Lahore reels under rain fallout

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) department failed to clean up the city, as most of the city roads were presenting a scene of garbage heaps after Monday’s run.

The rain water submerged most of the city roads, leaving behind dust, shopping bags, papers and other garbage material on them. Some roads were turned into muddy ponds, inconveniencing both pedestrians and motorcyclists.

The SWM, with a number of mechanical sweepers, focused only some major roads catering to the VVIPsí movement. The roads include The Mall, Jail Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Canal Bank Road, etc.

On the contrary, the condition of Ferozpur Road, Multan Road, Agertain Road, Circular Road and many other important roads is very pathetic due to improper cleanliness.

The bias and discrimination of the CDGL is evident from the fact that sweepers in dressed up in proper yellow uniform were busy cleaning up the roads used by the VVIPs.

After Monday’s heavy rain, residents of several localities, like Township, Green Town, Kot Lakhpat, Ichra, Wahdat Colony, Clifton Colony, Alkhamd Colony, Samanabad, Sherakot, Sandha and many residential areas along Outfall Road, Multan Road and Bund Road are still waiting for the SWM staff to come and clean their localities.

Majority of the city residents said it was very unusual for a sweeper to appear in their locality. “I have not seen a sweeper in my area for last many years,” said Mrs Mujahid, a resident of Nonarian Chowk. She said that only private garbage-collectors came in the locality and charged Rs 50 from every house for lifting garbage. “Where have the over 5000 sanitary workers of SWM gone who are suppose to clean the city?î asked Hassan, a resident of Township. He said the top bosses of the SWM did not bother to check the presence of sanitary workers on the roads while the Lahore DCO and the commissioner seemed too ëbusyí to consider the issue.

According to environmental experts, the quantity of dust particles has increased after rain. In case of improper cleaning of roads, the particles mix into the air and go into the respiratory system of the citizens, resulting in several diseases.

The citizens have appealed to Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif to take strict action against the SWM authorities for not doing their duty properly.

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