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LDA security guards torture female schoolteacher

LDA security guards torture female schoolteacher

LDA security guards torture female schoolteacher
LDA security guards torture female schoolteacher

* Officials say teacher held meeting with admin director, deputy director, showed them re-appointment orders by LHC
* LDA officials then ordered security guards to beat her up

By Imran Chaudhry
LAHORE: Security guards of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) tortured a female schoolteacher on Friday at their headquarters on the orders of the LDA directors for demanding her restoration after she got court orders against her suspension by the authorities.

According to details, Fauzia Iftikhar Khan, the wife of Iftikhar Ahmad Khan and a resident of Johar Town had been teaching as a Subject Specialist Teacher (SST) at the LDA Girls High School for many years, but the LDA authorities suspended her a few weeks ago due to undisclosed reasons.

Following her suspension, she went to the Lahore High Court (LHC) to get justice and succeeded in restoring her job, but Fauzia had no idea what was in store for her when she left home on Friday morning and reached the LDA head office situated near Davis Road.

The officials seeking anonymity told Daily Times that she held a meeting with Administration Director Shahid Fareed and the Deputy Director Suqrat Rana and showed them the re-appointment orders by the LHC.

However, both officers refused to accommodate her request and said that they were the authority and will decide who will work in their schools. The woman got emotional when she heard this and warned the officials that they were committing contempt of court. This further infuriated the officers and they called the security guards and ordered them to throw Fauzia out of the office.

As the guards tried to touch the woman, she resisted and warned them that she was a teacher and should be respected, not insulted by any one in the society. The officers heard what she had to say and ordered the guards to beat her if she resisted anymore. The guards complied with the orders and Fauzia was dragged out of their office and then she was brutally beaten by at least five male guards of the LDA complex, with one guard hitting her on her face with the butt of his gun, which knocked Fauzia down on the floor.

The guards instead of feeling sorry for her kept beating her and kicking her until she went unconscious. The Daily Times team reached the spot after finding out from their source what was going on and found Fauzia lying on the floor in a semi-unconscious condition.

The woman, who was in such a bad shape, was unable to talk to anybody and was taken to the Ganga Ram Hospital.

When journalists tried to talk to Fareed and Rana, the same officials who had ordered the attack on Fauzia about the incident, they gave the same orders to their guards and the guards started thrashing the journalists as well. However, by this time the local police had already reached the spot and rescued the media-men from the hands of the LDA guards.

The journalists, who were gathered on the scene to cover the injustice of the LDA authorities, retaliated against the act of the security guards and called the police for help as well as the Rescue 1122 team to provide medical aid to the unconscious female teacher.

The police reached the LDA plaza and arrested all five of the security guards, involved in torturing Fauzia as well as the journalists.

The staff of Rescue 1122 said that they had shifted Fauzia to the Ganga Ram Hospital where her condition was out of danger. The issue became so big that Punjab Inspector General of Police had to come to the LDA plaza and order the arrest and proper action against the LDA officials including the guards.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also took notice of the issue and ordered the authorities concerned to probe into the matter.

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  1. No body knows who is responsible of all this issue and not thinking in these lines. Actually the root of this incidence is Miss Zil-e-Huma Principal of LDA Model Girls High School Johar Town LAHORE Who send letter to LDA management after his personal fight with this teacher. That Principal is totally on Sifarish over there and lot of teachers afraid of her.

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