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LHC Moved Against PA Resolution

LHC Moved Against PA Resolution

LHC Moved Against PA Resolution
LHC Moved Against PA Resolution

A WRIT petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court challenging a resolution adopted by the Punjab Assembly against the media.

Petitioner Masud Gujjar Advocate stated that it was duty of the media to keep the people aware of what the elected representatives were doing and no curbs even by the legislative house should be imposed on it.

He said that the media was called the forth pillar of the state and no hindrance should be created in its working as the media did the job of passing on to the people the information related to the activities of their elected representatives.

He stated that the members of the provincial assembly had transgressed their powers by passing the resolution, as it was violation of Article 19 and 25 of the constitution.

He said the Article 19 guarantees the right of freedom of expression and it was mandatory under the constitution that all the citizens should be kept informed about all the matters of public interest.

The members of the assembly were elected representatives and therefore the people should also have right to know what their representatives were doing.

He also stated that according to Article 25 of the constitution all the citizens, including prime minister, were equal in the eyes of the law.

He said that the resolution against the media be condemned and those behind tabling and passage of it be proceeded against. He requested the court to issue an order for immediate suspension of the resolution.

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