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Lord Nazir condemns NATO border violations

Lord Nazir condemns NATO border violations

Lord Nazir condemns NATO border violations
Lord Nazir condemns NATO border violations

* Says government should forcibly take away assets from corrupt officials

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LAHORE: The member of British Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmad, condemning the Pakistani border violations by NATO forces, said the government should tell the Americans, in unambiguous terms, that we would not tolerate any attack on our borders in future. Addressing a large gathering of PU teachers and students at Faisal Auditorium on Friday morning, he stressed the need for chalking out a long-term planning for socio-economic development in order to make Pakistan a developed country in the coming years.

Lord Nazir said, “If we really want to change the destiny of Pakistan, we should maintain a balance between our rights and obligations and try to live as a responsible nation by honestly carrying out our responsibilities.”

“The government should impose tax on super rich classes or the filthy rich elite should at least regularly pay Zakat for extending relief to the deserving masses,” he said, adding that, “in such a situation, how could the Western countries have credibility in our appeals that we are in dire need of foreign charity and financial assistance. The government should forcibly take over assets of those wealthy persons who do not make an honest declaration of their assets.”

He said the federal interior minister had signed an agreement with the British home secretary for exchange of prisoners and illegal immigrants. Instead, the government should have entered into bilateral agreements for investment to provide much-needed relief activities, he said.

The British lawmaker said the youth are the future leaders and architects of Pakistan and they need to develop the habit of constant hardwork for making Pakistan a better country in the years to come.

Earlier, PU Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran said that the entire Pakistani nation was proud of Lord Nazir on his election to the British Parliament. He said during his recent visit to the US, he was interrogated by the American security staff for two hours at the airport. At this, he decided to never set his foot on American soil again.

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