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Man Threw Shoes At President Asif Ali Zardari In UK

Man Threw Shoes At President Asif Ali Zardari In UK


Birmingham: Man threw shoes 2 in the direction of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, when he delivered a speech in the Pakistan People’s Party convention here on Saturday.
President Zardari of the PPP workers consider meeting at congress here, when a man – apparently Officer PPP – got up and threw something in the direction of the President, as he (the man) have criticized the latter for a trip the United Kingdom.
According to a witness who was present at the congress, said: “The man threw two shoes, one after another in the direction of the President when he gave his word. Security personnel action there and took the man into custody and took him on the street, said the witness.
This led the president to stop his address and immediately leave the place in the security cordon in his car waiting outside.
President Zardari is currently in the UK for travel that has been criticized because of his departure at a time when people in Pakistan is faced with the unprecedented floods, which killed more than 1000 dead and millions displaced.

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