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Miseries Rain Down On Lahorites

Miseries Rain Down On Lahorites

Miseries Rain Down On Lahorites
Miseries Rain Down On Lahorites

Tuesday’s heavy rain, 75 mm, inundated majority of the city localities, causing inconvenience to the residents, especially those living in low-lying localities.

The rain exposed the claims of the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) as majority of city localities submerged in the ankle-deep water until evening. The Agency had claimed that majority of the areas were cleared of rain water till 3p.m.

After the rain, which hit the city early morning and continued till evening, the drainage system failed to function properly. All the arrangements and plans went down the drain, forcing the people to wade through deep pools of water for several hours.

The accumulation of rainwater on roads in central and other parts of Lahore also exposed poor planning of the civic agencies. The Shadman drain was overflowing after the rain, negating the WASA claims of proper and timely desilting of drains. Until Tuesday night, thousands of people in different localities were facing a hard great inconvenience as their streets and roads were littered with filth and garbage.

After rain, majority of roads turned into filthy mini-lakes with tones of waste material and plastic bags floating on the water, causing a great deal of nuisance to the public, especially the motorists who had to pass through an ordeal with the traffic flow coming at a snail pace. Though the three-hour long spell turned the hot and humid weather pleasant but, in the evening, the humidity level increased again.

A large number of heat-stricken people, especially youngsters, came out on the roads in various localities to enjoy the downpour. Many shirtless teenagers were seen riding their motorbikes and cycles in the rain.

On Tuesday, maximum temperature recorded in the city was 27 degrees Celsius and minimum was 25.8 degrees Celsius. Humidity in the air was 24 per cent in the morning and 88 per cent in evening. MET office has predicted more heavy rainfall over upper parts of the country, including Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Kohat and Mardan divisions during the next 2-3 days. The MET officials said the inundation of low line areas and flash-flooding in Nullahs is expected during July 20 evening to July 22, asking all the authorities concerned to take precautionary measures to avoid the damages due to the inundation.

Several other cities receiving the rain included Mangla (140 mm), Jehlum (92 mm), Islamabad (91 mm), Gujranwala (86 mm), Mianwali (80 mm), Sialkot (67 mm), Muzaffarabad (62 mm).

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