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Moblie Firms Seek Solar Energy Exemption

Moblie Firms Seek Solar Energy Exemption

Moblie firms seek solar energy exemption
Moblie firms seek solar energy exemption

The cellular industry will try to convince the federal government and ENERCON to exempt it from switching towers to solar energy or give it over one year time for it.

The ministry of environment has already extended the date of switching cellular towers to solar energy till further orders as the industry had approached the government and informed it that it was impossible to run all towers on solar energy till June 30, 2010.

Earlier, ENERCON in an order had asked the provincial government to disconnect the power supply to all cellular and IT industry towers after June 30 2010.

The News has learnt that the industry would in the first step will demand an end to this compulsion and if the government didl not agree, then it would call for a long deadline which might be for two years. The industry, however, will also give a proposal that every new tower would be supplied solar energy, rather than receiving energy from the national power distribution system.

Sources in the ministry of environment said that a meeting of all stakeholders would be held in the next month to discuss a course of action for implementation of the decision.

Sources said that not a single tower had been switched to solar energy as there was no intimation to them timely. They said the suggestions and proposals would be considered. They said that some lengthy deadline could be given but the industry was bound to provide its working scheduled for running towers on solar energy. They said the transferring plan on solar energy provided by every cellular firm would be strictly followed and no extension could be given afterward. The meeting to be attended by all stakeholders would also be helpful for the ministry for taking policy decisions in future, sourced added.

They admitted that the government had not consulted all stakeholders before taking the decision so it was compelled to extend the date of implementation till further orders.

The decision taken at the Prime Minister’s Energy Conference, so consultation with stakeholders had been overlooked, they said, adding that if it had been timely convyed to the stakeholders, then they must approached the government. Then the policy would have been drawn and implementation started in the given timeframe. But now there is no option left with the government but to discuss the issue with the industry and draw a policy in this regard, they added.

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