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Model Detained At Airport For ‘Misbehavior’

Model Detained At Airport For ‘Misbehavior’

Model detained at airport for ‘misbehavior’
Model detained at airport for ‘misbehavior’

THE Airport Security Force (ASF) Saturday detained renowned model and television artist Iffat Umer for over an hour at the Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIA) for misbehaving with an ASF official.

According to sources, Iffat Umer along with her family was scheduled to board Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Flight PK 289 heading for Bahrain at around 6:45 pm.

During the regular checking before boarding, ASF Inspector Nargis, after going through the luggage of the model, told her that the quantity of cosmetics she was carrying was more than the permissible range. The ASF Inspector requested Iffat to adjust the quantity of the cosmetics as per the rules.

Iffat got upset over the demand of the ASF official and started arguing with her, accusing the official of inappropriate conduct and, finally, slapping her in the face, in front of all the passengers going through the boarding process.

Resultantly, the ASF official called in the airport police to file an offence against the model for assaulting on her.

After over an hour detention, the model, however, was allowed to board the flight after she submitted a written apology to the ASF for her misconduct.

A senior official of the AIIA, requesting anonymity, confirmed the incident, saying the rules and regulations were in the best interest of the passengers and the country. We all should try our best to abide by them without getting angry with the staff doing their duty.

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