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Musharraf Formally Launches All Pakistan Muslim League

Musharraf Formally Launches All Pakistan Muslim League

Musharraf Formally Launches All Pakistan Muslim League
Musharraf Formally Launches All Pakistan Muslim League

Former President Pervez Musharraf has announced to join politics and formally launched his party All Pakistan Muslim League on Friday in a ceremony in London.
Talking to participants, Pervez Musharraf said, “On this historic day, I announce to join politics and become part of APML.” He said that he decided to join politics because there was no politician in Pakistan to get the country out of multiple challenges.
He said that the country progressed under his 9 year rule, but he admitted that he committed some political mistakes. He forwarded his apology on those mistakes, saying that ‘to error is human, to forgive divine.’ He said that he will inform the nation after his comeback about the reasons due to which he committed all the mistakes. He said that NRO was his biggest mistake and there was deal with Benazir Bhutto to not come back before elections.
He said, “Pakistan is our country, it is the most beautiful country, it is precious, and we are nothing without this country, that’s why I used to say ‘Sab se pehlay Pakistan.’” “Today, Pakistan is facing a number of challenges, and it is calling us for security, now it is our duty to save our beloved country,” he added. He said that All Pakistan Muslim League will fight against poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.
He said, “Pakistan was achieved to have social, economic and religious freedom. But people are being deprived of their rights and the rich are using laws for their interests.”
He said that party manifesto would be comprised of three documents; first the Quran Pak, second the address of Quaid-e-Azam on August 11, 1947, and third document would be Objectives Resolution of Liaqat Ali Khan.
He said that local body system would be restored and ‘family’ politics would be ended. He said that civil service would be reformed restructuring the government. He said that all people, women and men, would have equal rights. He said that nepotism and corruption would be ended and merit would be promoted. Electricity and water would be available to everyone, and food would be provided to everyone. He said that women education would be top priority. He said that Pakistan’s sovereignty would not be compromised, it would be saved from internal and external threats.
The former president said he will raise the GDP up to 6 percent. He said that Pakistan has capacity of producing 19000 MW power. He said that eradication of terrorists was vital for the progress of the country.
He invited all Pakistanis to come forward and join hands with APML and strengthen it. Sher Afgan, Nisar Memon, Lala Nisar and Fawad Chaudhry were also present in the ceremony.
Talking to Dunya News, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that Musharraf has to apologize in the court after returning to the country. He said that Musharraf didn’t commit mistakes, but those were blunders. He attacked the Lal Masjid, killed Nawab Akbar Bugti and ruined the Constitution for two times.
Talking to Dunya News, Sheikh Rashid said that it wasn’t a bad thing to ask for pardon. He said that Pakistan is passing through an important phase of politics. He said that Musharraf was afraid that if ban on third term premiership ended, his chance would be minimum.
PPP’s Jahangir Badar while talking to Dunya News said that Musharraf can’t be a good politician. He said Musharraf’s allies looted the poor. He said that there was no dictator like Musharraf in history who joined politics and made party.
PML-N’s Pervez Rasheed while talking to Dunya News said that Musharraf started his speech with white lies as he said he was going to join politics but he had already played politics when he took heinous steps on Kargil which brought bad name to Pakistan. He started politics on October 12, 1999.

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  1. Mohamed Ishaq Sheikh

    Hearty Welcome to APML- A saviour of akistan.

    I would like to join the party.  Would like to know the procedure for membership.

    I want to do something positive for my BELOVED COUNTRY – PAKISTAN

    M.Ishaq Sheikh

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