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NA Passes Bill Against Loud Speakers’ Misuse

NA Passes Bill Against Loud Speakers’ Misuse

NA Passes Bill Against Loud Speakers' Misuse
NA Passes Bill Against Loud Speakers' Misuse

the bill has enhanced the penalty of the misuse from 6-moths imprisonment to one-year imprisonment and fine increased from 50,000 rupees to 100,000 rupees. The bill passed calls the misuse of loudspeaker tantamount to spreading sectarianism in the country. On the other hand PML-N opposed the bill and adopted the stance that the penalty is to high and also that associating the misuse with spreading sectarianism is unjust and unfair.
During the questions, answers session the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the session that during the last two years India has freed 157 Pakistani out of whom 57 were fishermen while Pakistan, during the same time period, has freed 562 Indians from its jails out of whom 542 were fishermen. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Imad told the session that India has not been fulfilling the bilateral agreement of diplomatic access to the prisoners while the relations between Pakistan and India cannot be termed normal until the resumption of the composite dialogue between the two countries.
On the other hand the senate session witnessed an uproar by the senators on the issue of allotment of plots to them. Senator Haji Adeel of ANP criticized the decision of allotment of two plots each to the bureaucrats, judges and the journalists. He demanded withdrawal of the decision of the allotment for to the bureaucrats or otherwise demanded a plot each for the provincial legislators. Senator Khalid Soomro raised the issue of 50 billion rupee corruption scandal of Hajj. Responding sarcastically to the stances of the senators, advisor to the Prime Minister Ghazanfar Gill said that he can give his piece of land in Gujrat for the burial of the senators.
Senator Seemi Siddiqui and Khlid Soomro demanded probe of the Hajj corruption scandal worth 50 billion rupees as well as the letter of the Saudi prince against the scandal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Senator Haji Adeel said that no government official has responded on the Saudi prince’s letter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The senate session was adjourned till Monday afternoon.

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