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Naveen Waqar Wedding Pictures (Mehndi & Walima) With Azfar Ali

Naveen Waqar Wedding  Mehndi Pictures With Azfar Ali
Naveen Waqar Wedding Mehndi Pictures With Azfar Ali

Naveen Waqar Wedding Pictures: Shocking and Intrestingas it gets that Naveen Waqar is Now Married to Azfar AliLast Month it was Tipped but now It is Confirmed that Azfar Divorced his Long Term Wife Salma with his Two Kids. As expected , Many sources Either Denied the new calling it rumor and scandel.

But nowFinally its is the top discussion on every ones talk. Naveen Waqar was an RJ on fm 91 turned to TV actress she tied a knot with none other Azfar Ali is now her husband Who is a known artist on TV and Showbiz Industry.

Naveen started her carrer with Fm 91 and then she appears on Aag Tv as a host. Later She was Seen in some Top dramas like Hamsafar and Annie ki ay gi Baraat where she played prominent roles boldy and Confidently.

Azfar Ali is a father of two Children and was Married to Salma Married for 9 years and now she is divorced. Naveen did it true what she can’t do in Hamsafar Drama.

Anyway’s We wish the newest Couple a very best of Luck and Hope their marraige last For Long .

Naveen Waqar Wedding Pictures (Mehndi & Walima) With Azfar Ali


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  1. we can simply taught them a lesson and set expample for other by ”

    Dont watch any of thier plays or dont by producta they market……….

    All in favor please comment.

  2. I am planning to hold a coneference called ” Celebrity Deivorce Club” so we may protect some in the future.

    All in favor please comment.

  3. sharam karay aap dono go 2 hell

  4. naveen waqar youre too pathetic and azfar ali ure a piece of garbage. both of u enjoy ur sorry lives and face the wrath of Allah!

  5. result ka ghusa aik dosry ko galiyan dy ke kiu nikal rahy ho tum sab log?

  6. itssssssssss tooooooo badddddddddd sham both of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. oh My God its really very bad news.sham on u naveen n azfar.kisi zindge destroyed naveen tume bhi kabhi b khushi nahi mily ge.

  8. in pics main naveen jaisi randi ke family bhe nazar arhi hay is ki maan or baap tu shakal se he dallay lag rahy hain bastard family

  9. bith r bastards …. navven jaise pata nahi katni bitches hain is socities main jo dosroon k ghar kharb karti hain in dono par laanat hoo shaitan ke or yah bhe kabhee kush na rah saktin gay

  10. tumhy sharm nai ae ek hansta basta ghar tabah karty howay such a bad couple we hate u both jst go to hell

  11. Its Not A HAppy News Its very shocking news 4 all of us Azfar why didnt u Think about ur Children ????

  12. i hate you azfar

  13. Azfar marrying the second time is not such a big deal, many TV celebs have done the same, read about it in the blogpost: http://tvnama.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/getting-ma

  14. what happend to naveen?kia usy koe kanwara nae mla tha k le k ek hansta basta ghar barbad kr dia?

  15. sooooooooooooo bad i hate now both

  16. hay to ap b baygarat top k mr azfar aliiii v just hatee u

  17. he should not be leaving his kidsssss………he should have think about them,if he had

  18. why do u want to break someone's home to find your own happiness

  19. it is just shocked news for all tv and drama addicts but it is very sad that azfar ali left his wife and kids after long term relationship.


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