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Nawaz Voices Strident Support To SC

Nawaz Voices Strident Support To SC

Nawaz Voices Strident Support To SC
Nawaz Voices Strident Support To SC

Pakistan Muslim League Patron Nawaz Sharif has vowed all-out consistent support to the Supreme Court to uphold rule of law in the country.
Talking to media in Lahore on Friday, Nawaz called for removal of all the NRO beneficiaries in case they do not resign.
Replying to a question vis-a-vis President Zardari’s indemnity, Nawaz said that, “Only the Supreme Court could decide about it and nothing could be said until that”.
The PML-N chief deplored that many big criminals got indemnity under NRO. In answer to a question about court’s rulings, he said the judiciary has been restored after great sacrifices, and added the government should implement SC orders at all costs.
“Huge sacrifices have been rendered for the restoration of judiciary”, Nawaz maintained and lamented that “I did not know that the judiciary has to face such fate after its reinstatement”.
Nawaz reiterated that he would not move an inch from his principled stance regarding judiciary and other issues and pledged to make others do the same.
“Politics or no politics, I will stick to my guns about judiciary”, Nawaz said. He called upon the government to give at least Rs0.1million each to the flood affectees.
Govt has implemented all SC orders except Swiss cases: Kaira
Federal Information Minister Qamaruz Zaman Kaira, while talking to Dunya News, said that Nawaz Sharif should come to the Parliament through democratic means. He claimed that the incumbent government has implemented all the SC orders except Swiss cases. He termed PM’s call in which he asked the NRO beneficiaries as principled. He said the people who have been granted bails could not be termed as convicts. He maintained that only the parliament is authorized to amend the Constitution. He said that those who are against the immunity enjoyed by the President should move a motion in the Assembly. He said that under Article 248, the President could not be prosecuted.

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