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Pakistani Mujra Dance in Wedding – Beshram People

Pakistani Mujra Dance in Wedding – Beshram People

Pakistani Mujra Dance in Wedding

Here you can see that Pakistani Mujra Dance which that mostly dance in Wedding ceremony, Birthday or engagement. Now today’s that custom have to mostly used by the Punjabi People just like that uneducated people. Many of the People like that songs which are used in Pakistani movies and stage dramas by the Naseebo Lal, that singer have to get high rank very quickly for their singing professions. Its not good work but now mostly people like that then she have to get honour in these film industry or specially stage dramas which are produced by the producer for new punjabi films.

When Punjabi people have to performs their functions ceremony just like that wedding, engagement or Birthday etc. Then they are called new hot girls who have to performs mujra functions in that events and mostly many of the viewers has been gathered in this situations then that people drugging and gives money for that girls which have to danced in these functions. Sometimes that hot Pakistani Punjabi girls have to perform mujra dance on rain. Recently on 9th March 2013 Friday mujra party shows in Pakistan Safart khana Japan. Mujra dance only performs in Pakistani movies not in Indian movies, that movies are not seeing in home with family therefore that Pakistani movies have to flopped because mostly decent people has not like that functions. That mujra songs only liked by the uneducated people in Pakistan.

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