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Petrol Shortage Cripples Life In Provincial Capital

Petrol Shortage Cripples Life In Provincial Capital

Petrol shortage cripples life in provincial capital
Petrol shortage cripples life in provincial capital

LAHORE: Citizens, businessmen and industrialists are facing massive problems due to the unavailability of petrol and diesel at most filling stations of the provincial capital following a limited supply of petroleum products from Karachi and other areas due to the floods.

During a visit to various filling stations situated on Ferozepur Road, Johar Town, Model Town, Defence and other areas of the city, Daily Times observed long queues of motorcycles, cars and other vehicles outside petrol pumps. Filling station workers were telling commuters that petrol was not available, while some other filling stations had displayed notice boards reading “Petrol Not Available”.

Commuters having CNG kits in their vehicles were the exception. However, today (Tuesday), during the weekly gas load shedding they too will be left without fuel for their cars. Many government officials, especially field officers, who still couldn’t install CNG kits in their vehicles, failed to deliver their professional responsibilities properly as there vehicles remained parked in their offices, an official told Daily Times.

Waqar Ahmed, a car owner standing at Firdous Market PARCO filling station, said he could not get petrol from five nearby filling stations. “My car is petrol-fed only and I cannot move without having petrol. The government should do some thing to resume the supply of petrol in to city, otherwise businesses will stop,” he said. When contacted, the filling station manager said they were unable to get supply of petrol.

Businessmen and industrialists were also a victim of the limited supply of petrol and they demanded the government control the situation to resume the supply of petroleum products. Faiz Ahmed, a printing press owner, said they heavily depended on petrol to run their business. “I have purchased some litres of petrol from a dealer for Rs 85 per litre to run my business. We are unable to mix colours, wash machines rollers and run our business without petrol. If the supply is not resumed it would be hard for us to survive,” Faiz said.

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry told Daily Times that transporters had increased fares due to a severe shortage of petrol and diesel. This will increase the transportation cost of products besides reducing the speed of delivery. “I have talked to the district coordination officer and other officials concerned and we hope that the situation will improve soon,” he said.

All-Pakistan Petrol Pumps Association (APPPA) Punjab General Secretary Muhammad Ali Saeed said the situation would improve after the resumption of smooth supply of petroleum product from oil refineries. Some refineries were not working while some others were not accessible after land routes were cut between Punjab and some other provinces, he said. “The city’s petrol pumps are already getting a reduced supply for the last three months because the Pakistan State Oil was not importing petrol as per requirements as the government had not cleared all its outstanding dues. Now the supply has further decreased,” he said. shabbir sarwar

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