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PML-N Flayed

PML-N Flayed

PML-N Flayed
PML-N Flayed

DEPUTY Secretary Information PPP Punjab Iqbal Sialvi said PML-N leadership was suffering from Zardari phobia and their false allegations cannot save them from another phase of defeats in the bye polls to be held on August 5.

The PPP leader in a statement on Monday said that PML-N leadership, whose vision was merely confined to the city of Lahore, had been under tremendous frustration over its constant defeats in Punjab in various bye-polls. He stated the recent defeat of PML-N in Sargodha had added to the woes of the Punjab government, which had once again initiated a propaganda campaign against the President of Pakistan.

Sialvi added those criticising Asif Ali Zardari should tell that who ran away from the country after signing a deal with Musharraf while who was undergoing torture in prison at that time. He stated history couldn’t be distorted and it showed that PPP leadership, whether it was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto or Asif Zardari always remained with the masses but the PML-N leadership always preferred to live the life of luxury.

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