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Police Makes Security Arrangements For 21st, 27th of Ramazan, Eid

Police Makes Security Arrangements For 21st, 27th of Ramazan, Eid

Police Makes Security Arrangements For 21st, 27th of Ramazan, Eid
Police Makes Security Arrangements For 21st, 27th of Ramazan, Eid

LAHORE: The city police has chalked out a security plan for the 21st and 27th of Ramazan and Eid to avoid any untoward incident in the provincial capital, Daily Times learnt on Sunday.

Police high-ups have deputed special trained snipers on rooftops of buildings located adjacent to important public places such as mosques, government installations and offices across the city.

The Police Department has also called the Elite Police Force, Mujahid Force and the Quick Response Force and deputed plain-clothed personnel from other intelligence agencies for round-the-clock patrolling in all sensitive areas. The personnel deputed at the city’s police stations have also been directed to keep a vigilant eye on all crowded places situated in their respective jurisdictions.

Steps have been taken in the wake of the increasing number of people visiting markets before Eid and the upcoming martyrdom day of Hazrat Ali (RA) on the 21st of Ramazan and the auspicious night of the 27th of Ramazan.

Although the excitement for Eid has somewhat dampened this year due to the flood crisis, robbers and snatchers often strike during these days, as people are expected to be carrying money for shopping.

Talking to Daily Times, a senior police officer said a high-profile meeting of senior police officers had been held to chalk out a “foolproof” security plan to maintain law and order in the city during the 21st and 27th of Ramazan and on Eid.

He said all divisional superintendents of police, assistant superintendents of police and deputy superintendents of police from both the operation and investigation wings had attended the meeting. Moreover, he said that the police high-ups had passed on strict directions to police officials to ensure patrolling in their respective areas and pay surprise visits at police pickets set up within their jurisdictions. “Upon receiving directions, all police officers concerned passed on strict orders to all station house officers to ensure the implementation of the security plan in letter and spirit and guard important religious places, markets, bazaars and other public places within their respective areas,” he added.

The SHO serving in different police stations across the city, asking not to be named, told Daily Times that they had already tightened security at places of worship during Ramazan and special measures had been taken for the 21st as well as Eid.

They said the administrations of all ‘A-category’ mosques had been directed to maintain lights inside and outside of mosques as well as in the adjoining streets.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Aslam Tareen told Daily Times that the Lahore police was fully alert and keeping a vigilant eye on anti-state elements. He said that special instructions had been given to all SPs to ensure 24-hour patrolling in all the areas, adding that SHOs themselves carried out the patrolling in their respective jurisdictions.

He said that almost all security arrangements had been completed to avoid any untoward incident on the eve of the 21st, 27th of Ramazan and on Eid. He said that walkthrough gates and metal detectors would be set up at all major mosques and large contingents of police personnel would be deputed on this occasion.

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