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PPP Govt Flayed For Ignoring Kashmir Issue

PPP Govt Flayed For Ignoring Kashmir Issue

PPP govt flayed for ignoring Kashmir issue
PPP govt flayed for ignoring Kashmir issue

THE Kashmir Action Committee Pakistan (KACP) has lambasted the PPP government for neglecting the Kashmir issue and remaining silent over the ruthless killing of Kashmiris by Indian forces.

Flanked by Lt. Col. (Retd) A M Mir, Dr. Khurshid Sikander and other leaders, President KACP Justice (Retd) Syed Sharif Hussain Bokhari stated the present government had kept mum and maintained a status quo over the disputed issue which was very much suitable for India but not for Kashmiris and Pakistan.

He further said the Kashmir issue was not on the priority list of the incumbent PPP government whereas India instead of taking up the real issue to dialogue over Kashmir always touched the supplementary issues, which established the fact that New Delhi was not serious in talks on Kashmir issue either.

KACP leader, expressing grief and sorrow over the killing of dozens of Kashmiri Muslims including children and women at the hands of Indian barbarian forces, said the Indian atrocities continued unabated in the valley but the present government was completely silent over it.

He lamented that Azad Jammu Kashmir was called the base camp of the Kashmir liberation movement but ironically its leadership was busy in ‘make and break’ arrangement.

To a question, he stated that Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) had also been unable to play a role for the solution of Kashmir issue and building pressure over India in this regard. However, they expressed the hope that the OIC would play its due role in the times to come in this regard.

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