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PPP Leader For Action Against Party MPAs For Media Bashing

PPP Leader For Action Against Party MPAs For Media Bashing

PPP Leader For Action Against Party MPAs For Mmedia Bashing
PPP Leader For Action Against Party MPAs For Mmedia Bashing

ACTING President PPP Punjab Sami Ullah Khan has said action must be sought against the party MPAs for media bashing in the Punjab Assembly.

Besides, he also stated the controversial resolution in PA was tabled by PML-N while PPP Parliamentary leader Raja Riaz wasn’t in the House and it was solely the move of the N. Flanked by Deputy General Secretary Punjab Usman Salim Malik and Iqbal Sialvi, Sami Ullah Khan said the resolution tabled against media reflected the frustration of PML-N which along with PML-Q (forward bloc) was the largest shareholder on the issue of fake degrees.

Sami Ullah Khan further stated it seemed that PML-N was under great stress and there might be some ‘unseen’ differences between Sharifs which could be felt during the recent episode against media. He said the PA passed the resolution in the presence of one brother whereas the other brother expressed his displeasure against the mover of the controversial resolution. Moreover, the issue of fake degrees being projected by the PML-N MNA Abid Sher Ali without the consent of party leadership was also a questionable issue.

To a question, he stated the resolution moved in the PA was solely the brainchild of PML-N, not Sana Ullah Mastikhel who couldn’t draft such a resolution on his own. He added that Speaker took the said resolution out of turn which showed that it was due to the complete consent of the ruling party which was no other than PML-N.

Sami went on to say that the much trumpeted stance of PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif’s principled politics was ridiculous and a mockery with the nation, as N had awarded tickets to the persons who had not only once but twice cheated the nation, once through fake degrees and secondly by changing their platform after winning the seat.

Citing the example of awarding of PML-N tickets to the members including Azam Chaila, Ajmal Asif and Naghma Mushtaq, he said these persons not only changed the party first but also deceived all by holding fake degrees but PML-N even then awarded party tickets to them.

He asserted that the PPP had always shown principled stand in politics and tried to promote tolerance for the interest of the federation. He said the PPP leadership, including its top man party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, had been under sever media trial but the largest party of federation never made any move to table a resolution against media just because it respected the freedom of press. He said PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti’s issue was greatly highlighted in media but PPP preferred to plead its case in public court and emerged successful in it.

On the other hand, the tolerance level of N has come to surface due to this move, said Sami, adding N must learn from its past mistakes and avoid repeating them further. He hoped the PML-N would adopt the path of tolerance. To a query about the involvement of PPP MPAs in condemning media, Sami said action must be sought against them by the party.

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