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PPP Punjab Opposes Altaf Hussain’s Remarks

PPP Punjab Opposes Altaf Hussain’s Remarks

PPP Punjab opposes Altaf Hussain’s remarks
PPP Punjab opposes Altaf Hussain’s remarks

LAHORE: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab has strongly reacted to the remarks of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain about favouring martial law, saying that army dictatorship is not a suitable alternate to democracy in any scenario.

The MQM chief, in his fresh telephonic address from London to a party workers’ convention in Karachi, has said that his party was ready to support martial law if the “patriotic generals would take steps against corrupt feudals and landlord politicians”, as well as any former generals involved in disgracing the institution of the army during the last Soviet-Afghan war.

Weaken: Commenting on the issue, PPP Punjab Secretary Information Dr Fakharuddin Chaudhry expressed his sorrow on the demand of the MQM chief and said that such remarks would weaken the democratic system, which was restored by the efforts and sacrifices of his party leadership.

Dr Fakhar said that no democratic party or political leadership could endorse army rule, adding that the PPP believed in democracy with its spirit and was ready to continue it (democracy) in the country at any cost.

Not the solution: PPP Punjab Deputy Secretary Information Malik Usman said that an invitation to impose martial law in the country from a political party was a condemnable statement as the Pakistani society is too democratic and liberal to support such points of view from any group of people.

Usman said that anti-democratic statements could not serve the country and its people to uplift their living standard among other nations, adding that a new martial law was also not the solution to problems like the country’s prevalent flood crisis, among others.

PPP Lahore President Chaudhry Asghar Gujjar, Secretary Finance Hafiz Ikhlaq said former premier Benazir Bhutto had already declared that the ‘democracy was the best form of revenge’ against all anti-democratic mindsets, so the nation would not give any favour to such mind sets who wanted to send the country hundreds of years back through imposing martial law.

They said their leaders had given so many sacrifices, including Benazir, for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan, so the PPP would not give any space to elements who wanted to derail democracy in the country.

Adviser to the Youth Affairs Ministry and PPP Punjab Youth Wing President Muhammad Ayyub, commenting on the issue, said the MQM chief’s comments were regrettable and against democracy. He said political parties who claimed to be democratic and had democratic agendas should avoid such anti-democracy statements because these were not in favour of the nation.

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