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Punjab demands to ban late-night packages

Punjab Assembly has passed a resolution, demanding federal government to ban late night packages introduced by telecom companies. The base point for the resolution was to save future of youth who presumably are the major targets of these late night packages. Almost all of the mobile network operators offer cheap rate on-net calls these days.

punjab Govt
punjab Govt

The demand was raised in Punjab Assembly’s session in a resolution presented by Samina Khawar Hayat, an MPA of PML (Q). The resolution recommends that the federal government direct mobile companies not to promote “cheap rate, late night packages that alter societal tendencies”. The document says, “Because of such mobile packages … the young generation, particularly students, remain busy texting and talking over the phone the entire night, without caring for their studies, health and sleep. These packages are not in line with social and moral values and customs. A ban should be imposed on all such packages. The resolution was passed unanimously, with the speaker praising Samina for tabling the document.

How do you take on this resolution? Should such packages be banned in your opinion? How does such packages effect the youth? Post us your comments and experiences!

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