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Rain Leaves 125 Lesco Feeders Dead

Rain Leaves 125 Lesco Feeders Dead

Rain leaves 125 Lesco feeders dead
Rain leaves 125 Lesco feeders dead

Over 125 electricity feeders within the limit of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) remained dead at different intervals due to the second rain of monsoon on Tuesday, leaving almost the whole city without electricity at different times.

Out of these 125 feeders 70 were within the urban limit of Lahore and remaining 45 were within the rural areas, including areas of Okara, Sheikhupura and Kasoor.

According to sources, a number of feeders remained off for more than five hours on Tuesday and around 15 feeders were still off at the time of filing this news (8:50pm). A citizen from Neelum Block of Allama Iqbal Town told The News that his electricity remained off from 12:00 pm to 3:30pm and then it came back for two minutes and again went off for two hours.

The source said that there was no such area in the city without outages due to heavy rain but the teams of the LESCO kept on working on the feeders and some of them were restored right after they were switched off. Apart from this, no change in the scheduled loadshedding from LESCO was observed despite pleasant weather due to rain. According to the Lesco public relations additional manager, Lesco Chief Executive Saleem Akhtar appealed to general public that they must adopt precautionary measures in rainy season.

Saleem Akhtar says that in case of electric shock or damage of electric wire or pole at any place, inform the sub divisional office concerned or contact at 118 or 0423118 immediately. Electricity consumers should not touch electricity poles or cables, never use metallic wires for drying clothes since current can leak in it, instead use a jute or cotton cord. Don’t tie animals to an electricity pole, its supporting cables or under high tension wires. While ironing clothes don’t forget to place a dry cloth, blanket, carpet or wood under their feet or even better wear shoes with rubber sole.

Avoid touching electric switches, cables or equipment especially while their hands, shoes or clothes are wet. Repair defective and wornout domestic wiring; also ensure that all internal wiring is properly earthed. Use a three-pin plug for appliances like iron, washing machine, refrigerator and properly earth the same. Don’t touch a pedestal fan or a water motor pump without switching it off. Do not stand under power transmission lines or near to a transformer. Construction of house under power transmission lines is illegal.

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