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Scheme To Check Pollution

Scheme To Check Pollution

Scheme to check pollution
Scheme to check pollution

TO bring down vehicular pollution, the Punjab Environment Protection Department is going to launch a green sticker scheme in five big cities of the province, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi.

Officials said objective of this scheme was to monitor the emissions from government and private vehicles across the province especially in big cities, including the provincial metropolis. They said heavy diesel engine vehicles like buses and trucks and two-stroke rickshaws were the major source of air and noise pollution in urban areas.

They said prior to launching the scheme, the department monitored emissions from different buses of Lahore which are of New Khan, Premier Transport, NIAZI Transport, Daewoo Express and Chenab Transport. The officials say that the standard limit for smoke emissions from heavy diesel engine on Ringllemann scale is 40 percent, carbon monoxide on new vehicles is 4.5 percent and old vehicles is 6 pc and noise on sound meter is 85dB(A) according to NEQS values.

The data collected by the department indicates that old, unfit and poorly maintained buses like of New Khan, Niazi and Premier are polluting air quality at large, which would become a serious health hazard for the general public in the future.

EPA Director General Dr Shagufta Shahjahan said objectives of the Green Sticker Campaign were to differentiate the environment-friendly vehicles by issuing green stickers to them. She said this would provide environmental education to the general public regarding harmful impacts of pollutants in vehicular exhaust on human health. She pointed out that this campaign would keep improving the air quality index of eight cities, which is usually moderately to sorely polluted.

During the campaign different vehicles from government and private sectors would be checked with the help of instruments to record the date of CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbon), noise and smoke emissions and would be displayed on the stickers to inform the owners of the vehicles about the emission status of the vehicle either exceeding the national environment quality standards or otherwise.

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