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Slow police investigation encouraging crimes

Slow police investigation encouraging crimes

Slow police investigation encouraging crimes
Slow police investigation encouraging crimes

* Two cases regarding killings of complainant parties reported
By Shabbir Sarwar
LAHORE: Slow and manipulated investigation processes and delayed justice systems are encouraging criminals commit further crimes by influencing and harassing those who dare to peruse cases against them.

Recently two such incidents were reported in the city where the criminals attacked the complainant party to force them to quit pursuing the case. In Badami Bagh area, criminals attacked a family that was pursuing a case of murder of five people against alleged narcotics dealers. The assailants opened indiscriminate firing on the complainant party’s vehicle, killing two and injuring others seriously. The victims were going to an anti-terrorism court for the hearing of a case as they were eye-witness in the case of murder of five people.

In the second incident, a 22-year-old rickshaw driver Mudassar was killed allegedly by narcotics dealers of his locality after he tried to stop them publically from doing this business in Rahmat Colony area of Shahdra. Accused Irfan alias Fati and other assailants were dealing in narcotics in the area and Muddasar had asked them many times to stop doing the illegal business and they always used to abuse him over the issue. One night, when Muddassar came back to his house from work, Irfan shot him to dead.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Zulifqar Hameed told Daily Times that adequate time is required for the investigation of cases and time periods vary depending on the nature of the case.

When asked that justice delayed is justice denied, he replied, “but one can’t deny importance of time in the investigation process because recording of the statement of both parties, conducting blood tests, getting forensic reports, telephone and cell phone records and other type of investigations require time.”

About influence and pressure tactics adopted by the accused party against the complainant party, he said it is obvious but the investigation requires due time to solve a case. When asked why criminals commit further crimes against the complainant, he said crime is a tendency and social deviant behaviour and criminals want to achieve certain interests. It is a natural thing that either the complainant or the accused party is lying to the police during investigation.

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