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Sunday Bazaar Prices Skyrocket Ahead Of Ramazan

Sunday Bazaar Prices Skyrocket Ahead Of Ramazan

Sunday Bazaar Prices Skyrocket Ahead Of Ramazan
Sunday Bazaar Prices Skyrocket Ahead Of Ramazan

PRICES of fruits and vegetables have skyrocketed in Sunday bazaars ahead of Ramazan. On the other hand, the City District Government Lahore officials also started asking the willingness of the stall-holders at Shadman Sunday bazaar about the setting up of the stalls in special Ramazan bazaar. However, no such practice was seen in any other bazaar, as Ramazan special bazaar was also established in Wahdat Road last year. The CDGL and the District Coordination Officer have failed to control the overcharging and ensuring supply of fruits and vegetables in Sunday bazaars. It seems that the buyers are at the mercy of the vendors in the city, as no one asked them why they were overcharging.

The staff at different Sunday bazaars said that the DCO and other senior officials had not visited the bazaars for long time but now he would visit the bazaars, as Ramazan was approaching, they added.

Some senior officials had refused the checking at Shadman Sunday bazaar this week. They quarreled with the civil defence official and said that they would suspend them. This shows the seriousness of the government officials to ensure the security arrangements at public places. The week again rainwater inundated in the Sunday bazaars organised in Tajpura, Green Town and Shahdra.

It is annual phenomenon that the prices of fruits, vegetables and other edibles start soaring ahead of Ramazan and the government does not check it. Once the rates reach the peak, the government starts crackdown on sellers to bring them down. The vendors reduce the rates on the government crackdown but the prices of fruits, vegetables and other edibles never come back to pre-Ramazan level.

The City District Government Lahore has failed to remove the rainwater from the places where the Sunday bazaars are established every week despite the three days have passed from the last rain in the city. The vendors claimed that the flood had affected the transportation of fruits from the upcountry. They said the vegetable fields were also hit by the rain, so shortage had occurred which pushed the prices up.

The vendors sold rotten and rain-affected fruits and vegetables at higher rates, as the people were compelled to buy them due to non-availability of quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

This week again, shortage of vegetables and fruits was seen in Sunday bazaars. New potato, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, ginger china, spinach, desi tinda, ladyfinger, turnip, lemon, radish, methi, plump, apricot and peach were not seen in all the Sunday bazaars. The price of potato new was gained by Rs 16 to 18 per kg and reached Rs 40 to 50 per kg from Rs 24 to 32 per kg while it was not available but the vendors sold stored potato at this price against the rates of Rs 15 to 20 per kg.

The rates of onion were increased by Rs 4 to 5 per kg and fixed at Rs 20 to 25 per kg from Rs 16 to 20 per kg but the vendors sold it by mixing B and C grade quality at Rs 25 per kg.

The price of tomato was increased by 100 percent and reached Rs 62 to 72 per kg from Rs 36 to 48 per kg. The vendors sold B-grade tomato at Rs 72 per kg. Garlic china price was fixed at Rs 170 to 180 per kg and was missing, and garlic desi was fixed at Rs 145 to 158 per kg but sold at Rs 180 per kg.

The price of ginger Burma was fixed at Rs 74 to 80 per kg and ginger china was Rs 128 to 135 per kg and vendor sold Ginger Burma at Rs 140 per kg.

Spinach price was fixed at Rs 7 to 10 per kg and also missing where available was sold up to Rs 15 per kg.

Brinjal rates were gained by Rs 2 per kg and fixed at Rs 20 to 24 per kg from Rs 18 to 22 per kg and sold up to Rs 30 per kg.

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