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Workplace Molestation Types how to Report Harassment in Pakistan

The topic which is going to be discussed by me today is Workplace Molestation Types and how to complain about it in our country. So, first of all, we need to know the complete definition of Workplace Molestation.

Definition of Workplace Molestation/ Harassment:

The word Workplace Molestation is also called from other names as “Mobbing, Workplace Mistreatment and Workplace Abuse are the synonyms for this word. The threatening and belittling unwanted physical contact which includes touching and hugging deliberately at an individual worker is known as Workplace Harassment.

As we come to know about this term and in our country harassment has reached to the highest level and especially in workplace because both genders are working under one roof and daily meet with one another and are having frank relationship so the psychology of all persons is not good at all some professional workers to take it in a negative aspect and start doing unwilling acts which are not fancied by the individuals workers. We, see that young male and females are working together and mostly the environment has become free from such things because 90% people think that its nothing to mingle with other males and sit and eat with them but still some wise people are there who think deeply and according to them these acts seems to be awkward for a girl and as well as for a boy. Every day we see in television, social media and from other sources numbers of the cases are there and are filed in the court against this act but 35% women said that they are said by the managers and other bosses to stay silent in this case so in such a way the cases remain closed and the girl stay silent forever.

If you are looking for a solution and a proper guide to stay safe and protected so tap to “JobsAlert.pk” page for the safety measures. Now, I am going to enlist the types of harassment in the below headings:

There are two types of Workplace Harassment which are categorized as

  • Physical Harassment
  • Emotional Harassment

Physical Harassment:

Physical Harassment is the type of harassment in which the body is exposed to violence and sexual assaults as touching and hugging unwillingly are called Physical Harassment.

Examples: Pinching, Patting, Grabbing, Brushing against another employee’s body or poking another employee’s body are also its forms.

Emotional Harassment:

This term Emotional Harassment is referred to as imposing bullying and putting stress on an individual at the workplace is called Emotional Harassment. Other forms of Emotional Harassment includes false accusations of mistakes and errors, hostile glares and other intimidating non-verbal behaviors, yelling, shouting, and screaming are also counted in the above-mentioned list.

How to Report Harassment in Pakistan:

The increasing ratio of Workplace Harassment is an alarming situation and male and female both are its victim so in order to get rid of it one must learn how to report this worst issue. Now, I am going to enlist those safety measures in the given list below.

  • Take all complaints and possible harassment seriously no matter whether it is a minor act or major.
  • Report all incidents to HR as soon as possible so that investigation can occur on time.
  • Record and provide evidence of workplace harassment (messages/calls & screenshots).
  • Not to quit the job be brave and do you job after complaining.
  • If your case is not considered under Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace  Act 2010  so take your complain to the ombudsman person which will conduct the investigation.
  • If your residing city does not have an Ombudsman person so file a case in court so Federal Ombudsman person will come up with a judgment.

In order to get all sort of information regarding Workplace Harassment, you need to visit JobsAlert.pk Page to have all the information in details so can easily follow all the steps. Stay tuned with this page ever to get more and more information from this well known platform.

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