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Desi Lasagna/Lazania Recipe in Urdu

Desi Lazaniya : This recipe is mid time snacks and is quite delicious. Mostly after listening the word of “Lasagna/Lazania” something comes in mind very tasty.


* Noodles: 400gms
* Chicken boneless:200gm
* Peas:1/4 cup
* Capsicum: 1/4cup
* Spring onion:chopped1/4cup
* Carrots: 2 grated
* Garlic ginger paste:1tsp
* Oil:3/4cup
* Tomato puree: 3/4 cup
* Black pepper: 1 ½ spoon
* Salt: To taste
* White sauce: 1 cup
* Cheese: 1 cup

Recipe: Heat up the oil and add ginger garlic paste and add meat and fry it and add capsicum, spring onion, carrots, black pepper, salt and tomato puree and stir fry it and off the flame. Place half noodles in oven proof tray pour white sauce on it and mixture of meat and layer by layer repeat the same process and bake it on 250 centigrade on getting golden color take it out. Lazania is ready.

Desi Lasagna/Lazania Recipe in Urdu


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