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Fish Burger Recipe by Chef Zakir

Fish Burger Recipe Method: Sprinkle salt on fish and keep it and add vinegar in it is better and after couple of hours fry the fish in oil as the fish fried let it to be cool and make fine pieces of its white meat. If anyone wants to make it spicy so sprinkle some sort of spices in it. Take bread buns two pieces keep fish pieces, tomato slices, cauliflower and add tomato ketchup in it and keep the second bun on the top. Delicious and easy fish burger is ready.

So far we have heard about chicken and beef burgers but fish burger can also be prepared. Let’s tap to its recipe how it is made.


  • Bread buns: 6
  • Fish: ½ kg without thorns
  • Tomato ketchup: As required
  • Tomatoes: As required
  • Oil : As required

Fish Burger Recipe by Chef Zakir

Fish Burger Urdu Recipe
Fish Burger Urdu Recipe

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