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Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Manny Pacquiao Live Fight 2015

Watch Mayweather Vs Manny Live Fight 2nd may 2015Many years number of the peoples are talking about the boxing fight and most of the rumors were prevailing that there would be a time comes when there will be a boxing live match and which is going to be more interesting and entertaining. So finally the time came and all the rumors turn into a reality that and finally boxing fight is about to begin.

This is an upcoming live boxing match between two well -known champions of boxing which is named as “FIGHT OF THE Century” and the fight is between two boxers named FLOYD MAYWEATHER VS MANNY PACQUIAO. Soo this boxing match is going to be seen on live screens on 2nd may 2015 and the location is MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada .U.S

Most of the people predictions are that the FLOYD MAYWEATHER is much best than PACQUAIO and has strong punching power.

But if we have a glance towards PACQUAIO so at the age of 36 and his nickname is “PACMAN “the stance is southpaw and the career earnings are$ 420 million and world title fight record is 19.

On the other hand MAYWEATHER age is 38 and his nickname is “MONEY”, the stance is orthodox and the career earning are as same as PACMAN $420 million and has 24 world fight titles.

MAYWEATHER is five division world champion whereas PACQUAIO is eight division world champion. The both boxers are the best in their own ways and are strong in their fight and have ability to give defeat to several tough boxers, their records are also lying in history. So once again people are going to revel the thrill and fight of these two master mind boxers.

The titles which are announced includesMAYWEATHER WBC and WBM Belts and PACQUIAO’S WBO Crown.

About MAYWEATHER it is said that he is one of the leading defensive boxer ever seen in games and has technical skill to turn the extreme position of game and change the atmosphere of game by using his technical skills and win the match. He is having strong hurt recovery at that time of injury during the fight but never ever give up, one of the strong and powerful strength man he is.


On the other hand if we see the PACQUIAO’S timing he will be able to disrupt the adversary of rhythm with well- timed counters. But on the other hand MAYWEATHERS defensive style could work against him if PACQUIAOU’S races out to an early lead and continues to move forward as the bout progress. One more thing about PACQUIAOU’S which is also famous is his knocking out ability is quite well- known and accepted and number of the boxers defeated by him through this.

The channels which are showing this grand reality boxing match on 2nd of May 2015 are HBO, SHOWTIME, SPORTSONE,CTN, SOLAR ALL ACCESS, TVP SPORTS, US MILITARY VIA AFN SPORTS, GOLDEN, SJY ARENA, CNC, SUPER SPORTS and so many other channels are broadcasting this boxing match approximately in all countries and the list of these above mentioned channels belongs to various countries.

Predictions of people are on the peak and arguments and comments are daily posted on social media and on print media in great number. So as most of the people think that it would be difficult for PACQUAIOU’S to defeat the MAYWEATHER. If we have a glance about the strength of PACMAN so the speed, stance and power of may make MAYWEATHER uncomfortable but one the other hand if we see MAYWEATHER SO he is undefeated challenger and has beaten number of the boxers. So most of the votes and predictions are in the name of MAYWEATHER and the suggestions of peoples are there for PACQUAIOU’S that he try his level best to defeat this time. So let’s see what will happen and who will be the winner of this exciting and thrilling game.


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