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Top 5 Popular Sports in The World

Here you can get the list of Top 5 Popular Sports which are most like in the worldwide. Sports shows very important role in the human life. People have to obtained health body and great sound mind by the sports. All sports are provide an dreams to the interested players of sports for getting success on worldwide level. With the passage of time various new technology growth and advancement in sports all over the global, those candidates have to take interest in sports who must be played that Top 5 Popular Sports in The World. Some people participate in different games to ensure for physically fitness & better and many of the people want to interest in entertainment and feel pleasure in that sports. There are following list of Top 5 Popular Sports in The World on this page.

Top 5 Popular Sports in The World

Foot Ball:
Top 5 Popular Sports in The WorldFootball or Soccer is one of the most popular internationally acknowledged sport in all over the world. Approximately 3.3 to 3.5 billion fans of it in worldwide like that countries Europe, Africa, Asia, America etc. Its always get 1st rank from the Top Popular Sports in The World. In this game requires two teams along with eleven players on every side and a football. Rinaldo and Rooney are the most senior players of soccer in all over the world. FIFA World Cup is the most biggest sports event and there have to played great competition among all over the world in every four years and find out best football team.

Top 5 Popular Sports in The WorldCricket is also most played game in all over the World which is conducted by the England, its national game for that country, if we see it oddly so then it has not national team of England. 2 to 3 billion lovers of cricket have been interested it from (India, UK, Pakistan, Asia, Austria, etc). Cricket sport is played widely in various countries of all over the world like Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Caribbean countries. In the Cricket world Cup 2011 round about 672,000 audience was to participate in the stadium and according to Television estimated 2.2 billion by the 200 countries all over the world.

Top 5 Popular Sports in The WorldField Hockey is very great sport in all over the world, its national game in Pakistan and India, now that days generally it is very famous in Asia. Its was played first time in 19th century England. In this game players are hit a ball with curved stick. Mostly fans of Field Hockey has been played estimated 2 to 2.2 billion in various countries like that Asia, Europe, South Africa & Austria. It has become great popular as well entrenched which that variations like that like ice hockey, field hockey and street hockey. Millions people have to watched this interested game in Olympics Champions trophy and world cups.


Top 5 Popular Sports in The World

Tennis sports is also very interested game in worldwide, which was to start in the 19th century in England. Around about 1 billion fans of Tennis which are played in various European countries like that Europe, Americas, Austria. By the four Grand Slam tournaments it has become most popular sport in the World. Here provide these Grand Slam events like that The Australian Open, its usually held in the middle of January. Second is The French Open also known as Roland Garros and its generally held in the ending days of May and beginning of June. Third is Wimbledon which was held in London and its normally held in late June and early July. The Fourth U.S Open which has been held every year and its held in late August and early September.

Top 5 Popular Sports in The WorldVolleyball is the fifth game in Top 5 Popular Sports in The World, Volleyball is organized or invented by the United state of America (USA). its very interested game and most huge played in Brazil, Italy and the Netherlands, other than it also extremely played in eastern European countries, Russia, China and USA. Approximately 900 fans of Volleyball in all over the world. It play only among man in various countries. Generally its very famous in the rural areas as well as urban areas. In this game requires two teams which are competing of five to six players on each side. Its very most watch in USA.

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