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WrestleMania: Brock Lesner Beats The Undertaker

WrestleMania: Brock Lesner Beats The Undertaker

WrestleMania Brock Lesner Beats The UndertakerOn 6th April, The Undertaker walked into the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ready to win again. The dead man whose real name is Mark William Calaway walked by 21 caskets. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Championship Brock Lesnar is back in the win column. While WrestleMania was introduced by legends Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and the Rockthat wasn’t even the most shocking part of the night. Brock Lesnar did the very thing his T-shirt promised he would do: He beat the streak. It was kind of an ugly, disjoint affair, with plenty of rest holds and a few sloppy high spots.

However, the legendary wrestler used his signature move. A tombstone Pile driver early and Bock kicked out of it. The crowd booed Brock, 36, throughout the fight, so when the end came, it went silent. The Undertaker attempted to slam Brock with a second tombstone but he countered and tok The Undertaker up on to his shoulders. The dead man then was slammed, flat on his face and upper body. The superdome went silent in complete in disbelief that they had just witnessed the end of an era. Lesnar doesn’t scare easily, and he went at The Undertaker from the opening bell with an unbridled rage that has become his trademark. The Undertaker seemed about 20 to 30 percent slower. For more please visit our website LahoriMela.com        

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