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Aamir Khan visits Leh

Govinda Makes Aamir Khan Laugh

Govinda Makes Aamir Khan Laugh Govinda is perhaps one of those very few Bollywood actors, who can make Aamir Khan laugh. Aamir, who was part of the popular cult comedy hit Andaaz Apna Apna, says that Govinda can tickle his funny bones effortlessly. Aamir even proclaimed that his favorite actor …

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Amir Khan inspired by flick ‘PAA’

Amir Khan Inspired By Flick ‘PAA’

Amir Khan Inspired By Flick ‘PAA’ Bollywood mega star Amir Khan saw the movie PAA starring legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan on the evening of the game between Germany and Uruguay. Amir Khan said that he wanted to see the movie PAA but due to his busy schedule he was unable …

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Aamir has a tweeting double

Aamir has a Tweeting Double

Aamir has a Tweeting Double Two seperate IDs on Twitter claim to be Aamir Khan, and tweeters have no clue what’s going on With reports of Aamir Khan joining microblogging site Twitter and setting it ablaze, there seems to be quite a lot of confusion as to who the real …

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Peepli Live’s DVD released

Peepli Live’s DVD Released

Peepli Live’s DVD Released Aamir Khan Production’s Peepli Live will be the first DVD with an option for Visually and Hearing impaired audience. The DVD released by Excel Home Entertainment will carry an option that narrates scenes with details about actions, colour, expressions, etc. interspersed with actual dialogues for the …

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