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Amir Liaquat Made Every One Laugh On Go Nawaz Go

Amir Liaquat

Here in this video you are watching Dr. Amir Liaquat said, the acclamation of Go Nawaz Go is very beneficial for us. In which time you hear acclamation of Go Nawaz Go obviously you will be beneficial. Talking about acclamation of Go Nawaz Go, Amir Liaquat made every one laugh. …

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Watch Funny Video: Satan Face Kid

This is very funny video after watching this video you can’t stop laughing. In this video there is a fake devil baby sit in pram and a man controls this pram though remote. Baby pram walks on the road. Many of people feared after seeing. What happened with people? Hopefully …

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Watch Video: Funny Marker Commercial Add

This is very funny commercial video about made on the marker. The Idea of this commercial is very good. After watching this video you can’t stop laughing. In India, bangles, locket and a vermillion mark on the forehead are symbol of a married woman. When the husband dies, strip the …

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Funny Video: You Can’t Stop Laughing

This is very funny video. After watching this video you can’t stop laughing. In this video at the wedding ceremony, unfortunately groom pent slips down and due to this, bride was laughing so bad. Bride laughing due to groom pent slips. All the guests and their relatives are also laughing. …

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Taxi Girl Funny Video

This is very hilarious and very funny video. In which, a young lady ebbed down into the taxi. When she gave money to taxi driver his skirt embarrass in car door. The young lady skirt full ebbed down and she run and sits again in taxi and wear it. Very …

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Cat Teaches Baby How to Walk

This is very funny and amazing video. After watching, you are very surprised and can’t stop laughing. In this video cat teaches the baby how to walk? Baby walks with the support of merry. It’s Very amazing cat teaches the baby to walk. Must watch and comment below. For more …

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Classical Insult of Indian Cricket Team by Indian Media

Recently, Indian cricket team loss ODI series against New Zealand. Indian media criticized the Indian team very badly. India won or loss match but Virat Kohli don’t forget made his spikes and abusing. Almost every match Ishant Sharma doesn’t forget fight in every match. Indian cricket team has a variety …

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Funny Dubbing of Najam Sethi

This is very funny video. In which Geo Tez presents a very funny and hilarious dubbing of Najam Sethi. The funny dubbing of Najam Sethi, when he stars interview to media, select as a chairman Pakistan Cricket Board. After Watching you can’t stop laughing. Must watch and comment below. For …

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