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Tahzeeb Ka Khatima by Hassan Nisar

In this column Hassan Nisar says that Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman saying “west is trying to finish our culture”. Dear Maulana, its not a true west are trying to give us more and more facilities to do progress in our country and they reached at martian. They don’t tell a lie, very …

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Wehshiana Khel by Hassan Nisar

 In this column Hassan Nisar says that load shedding is a huge problem of us. He says the condition is that when we shift in new hose we didn’t buy a new generator and the size of the “Balee Pur” generator is very large and can’t entered in the house.In …

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Khareedar…… Kabardaar

In this column Hassan Nisar says in this small news we seen a political history of Pakistan. This news teaches us almost which type of human material join the political Party and which type of politicians are ruling in Pakistan. For more please visit our website LAHORIMELA. Khareedar…… Kabardaar

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Great Insult of Bilawal Bhutto From Hassan Nisar

Here you can watch the video of the Hassan Nisar which that who is one of the famous columnists and new analyst of Pakistan and very great insult of Pakistani politician Bilawal Bhutto from Hassan Nisar so its very great slap on his face. Many of the followers or fans …

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