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Earthquake While News Casting in Los Angeles

Two news anchors went from calm to petrify in just a few seconds when an earthquake hit while they were live on air. As KTLA’s Megan Henderson began reading the headlines shortly before 6:30 local time (2:30pm GMT) Chris Schauble stopped he as cameras and on-set equipment at their Los …

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Seven Dangerous Acts After Meal

The Seven dangerous acts after a meal. 1-Don’t smoke after a meal, experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes. 2- Don’t eat fruit immediately, immediately eating fruits will cause stomach to be bloated with air. 3- Don’t drink tea, because tea …

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Bike Stunt: Shame on These People

This is very amazing as well as shameful video. Girl with her boyfriend enjoying bike stunt. It is most dangerous game but people don’t know the disadvantages of this bike stunt. Another thing is that in this video a young girl also sitting in bike and people see her with …

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How Pakistani used Honda 125 MotorBike

It is very amazing and hilarious video in which you see, how Pakistani’s used Honda 125 motorbike? If maker of Honda company see this video then what he will think, May be he will be proud to see that or becomes angry from Pakistani people that how Pakistani used their …

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