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HTC to Introduce Plastic Bodied One (M8) in May

HTC to Introduce Plastic Bodied One (M8) in May

HTC to Introduce Plastic Bodied One (M8) in MayHTC is in race to produce different varieties in Mobile Phones. Recently according to HTC resources that HTC is to release an economical plastic body mobile phone HTC One (M8). HTC is gearing up to release an economical plastic body variant of its flagship smartphone HTC One (M8) to attract mobile users who loves to use such type of different mobile phone. Plastic bodied HTC One (M8) has such type of different varieties that will attract huge number of mobile users to have it, because its shapes, its specs and its newly introduced Plastic Body will be a stuff of attraction.

According HTC source the Taiwanese handset manufacture has been planning to release a variant because of the lower than expected sales of HTC One (M8), which was very expensive and this mobile phone was in all-aluminum chassis and premium finish. So now HTC has decided to release a Plastic bodied smartphone HTC One (M8) to increase its sale and to attract the mobile users. The new phone is expected to be released in next month, will be similar to the flagship device in terms of both hardware and design with only difference of its chassis which will be of plastic.

According to the reports that the phone will be in China the new phone will come with up with price tag of around 3,000 yaun ($483 approximately). The price of new HTC One (M8) which has 4G variation in Chinese market is 5,299 yuan ($853 approximately) which beckons that its plastic variant will be considerably lower than the original device. The new version of HTC One (M8) plastic bodied version will help Taiwanese phone maker to give strong fight to Samsung in budget smartphone market. However it is seen that whatever the new phone will enjoy the similar level of acceptance that the original device and its deluxe follow ups experienced. For more updates about Telecom please visit our website LahoriMela.com

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