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Pakistan PTCL Starts Blocking The Torrents

Pakistan Telecom PTCL Starts Blocking The Torrents

Pakistan Telecom (PTCL) starts Blocking Torrents very soon, today we heard about torrent downloading issue. Some people are saying that PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) has blocked torrent downloading in Pakistan.

Yes, there is really true but all that people do not get aggressive.

The corporation provides and enforces policies for the telephonic services nation-wide and is the backbone for the country’s telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozens other telecommunication corporations, including Telenor Corps and China Mobile Ltd.

PTCL has not announced anything officially on this.

Take this news in another way, PTCL has blocked torrent downloading because there is a problem in Sub-Marine cables (There is a underwater wire problems) due to which there some bandwidth issues. For the sake to accommodative all user, PTCL took this step until the maintenance is done.

So stop searching for “How to Bypass Blocked Torrent By PTCL”. Some people is also commented on social networks.

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  1. That is a bad news for me :(

  2. Its evident that torrents are not being run on any of the broadband, so the matter is wholly of an unexpected cable fault.Let us hope that authorities will get it resolved to get torrents back at our computers.

  3. PTCL is not blocking torrents, it is blocking torrent trackers. Torrent protocol is based on little devils called torrent trackers which are in fact some software agents. These trackers actively keep looking for seeders, peers, leechers and the like and keep your torrent client connected to others. So if one goes down, they search for an alternative and hook you up with that. This means that if you have a running torrent whose trackers are valid, your torrent will keep downloading. That’s why some people say that their torrents are downloading fine. However, if you try to add a new torrent, it won’t simply work.

    Why PTCL is doing this? Well, the reason is very simple. The undersea cable is broke and it is being mended right now. So, in order to conserve the bandwidth for some better usage and not waste everything on downloading, PTCL has blocked torrent trackers. I am personally perfectly fine with this till the time the cable is mended and normal service restores. However, if this blocking continues after the issue is fixed, then I will have a genuine problem with PTCL.

  4. I am also facing problem in torrents. i am using qubee. Last night i heard that this is due the cable cut under sea. Hope this will be fix soon.

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