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Telenor Cell Phone Offer

TelenorAs in this modern era of our world nowadays cellular services are not providing only cellular services but they have reached to the business of selling handset 3G smartphones for their customers which have internet access and offers number of the free minutes, SMS packages and internet packages also. Telenor is working on 3G internet access to make the attention of its customer more towards this service because firstly UFONE and after that ZONG has launched this handset selling business and now Telenor is also involved in this. So here I am going to give you the description of those smart phones.

The handset which are introduced by Telenor are manufactured in China.

1 Telenor easy 3G handset:

Price: 37,00 TO 39,00

3G enable phone

Front camera

Social media apps like facebook, WhatsApp and twitter.

Telenor smart 3G:

Price: 6,000 to 6,700

Loaded with Telenor music

Telenor app store and social media apps.

The cellphones of Telenor are now with 18 months guarantee first time in Pakistan and Telenor customers with these handset can avail the balance of 600 and 3G internet access over the first six months.

So these two handset are extremely good featured smartphones along with ample of qualities are being used by many customers and people and the rates are not so exorbitant to purchase, one can easily purchase and avail this opportunity in a well manner.

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