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Top 10 Social Networking Sites in Pakistan

Now here you can see the Top 10 social networking websites which that mostly used in Pakistan and we hope you must like this just like that Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are the three most popular social networks not only in Pakistan but also worldwide have used. These three are the leaders of social networking but there are many other social networks e.g. Pinterest, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Friedster, MySpace etc which are also popular and gaining more popularity day by day. We are provide not going to discuss any social network with international fame having worldwide users while here we will be provide only enlist local social media networks of Pakistan which are developed mainly for Pakistanis. If you know a website that should be included on this list based on its traffic rankings. With social networks, we are able to visualize the connections between individuals, says Fred Stuntman, Ph.D. student and teaching fellow, school of information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill. There are Top Ten social websites which are mostly used in Pakistan and all over the world that are given below as.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in Pakistan

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in Pakistan


It was 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg started asking his fellow Harvard University students to try out his new idea known as “the Facebook”. The online community allowed his peers to create personal profiles, search for profiles and invite other from the university to join. If was a smashing success almost immediately. In 2006 Facebook opened its virtual doors to anyone with a registered e-mail address. In 2009 Facebook acquired Friend feed and began to incorporate its aggregation services into Facebook profiles. Face Book is still a private company in early 2010, two major investors announced that Facebook would not seek an initial public offering in 2010.


Twitter is an other social website which that mostly used in Pakistan and also worldwide. Twitter is an online environment where users can create profiles, fill them with information and then build network of people they “follow”(and a band of others who follow them). Twitter sends messages between users via the short message service (SMS), better known as text messaging. The messages, called Tweets, are super short: only 140 charters or shorter. Even the President of the United States has a Facebook fan page and user Twitter to reach the American public where he has over 262,000 followers, “says Brenda Powell, president and founder of the company Social Networking Girls. The messages can be sent via phone, through the twitter web site of one of hundreds new desktop or smart phone widgets.


YouTube is an other social network website which is mostly used in Pakistan and worldwide. YouTube is not what you’d traditionally call a social networking site. Its Purpose is to provide a place where people can upload and view videos, most of which are user generated. But it’s one of the most popular places on the Web to interact and react via text or video comments: just one more way to keep people coming back. Anyone can view most YouTube videos, but post one you need to create a member account. The Social networking aspect of the site really took off when the site introduced video comments in May 2006. Instead of leaving a text-based comment in response to a video, members can now record short video in response.

4.Linked In:

LinkedIn is the other social networking website which is mostly used in Pakistan and also worldwide. LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for professionals, it boasts a membership of more than 35 million people and claims that executives from every Fortune 500 company has member profiles on the site. The Profiles focus on member’s professional experience and skills. But does everyone use it to their full potential? may be. may be not. I am sure there are people who have an account and profile on LinkedIn, and do nothing more than accept the occasional introduction to connect, and have been prospected as a candidate, “say Jason Alba, CEO of the job search organizer site Jibber Jobber.com.


Hi5 is an other social website which are mostly used in Pakistan and also Worldwide. As the fastest growing social networking site in the world for the first half of 2008, Hi5 is the largest site of its kind that you may have never heard of. The site grew 78 percent in the first half of 2008 alone. Based in San Francisco, Hi5 launched in 2003 and was turning a profile by 2004. By 2005, the site had 10 million members. In 2006, it launched a Spanish version of the site to great success. Versions of the site in other languages soon followed.


Skyrock is another social networking site which that mostly used in Pakistan and also Worldwide. Vive le Skyrock, the number one social networking site in France! Skyrock started off as a blog site called Sky blog, compliments of French independent radio station SKYROCK Radio, 96.0 FM, in Paris. The site has all the bells and whistles of other social networking sites. Members can create profiles, write blog entries, converse in chat rooms and send messages to each other. While the site is based in France, there are versions of Skyrock available in other languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. According to comScore, the site ranks in the top 10 social networking sites in the world. As of July 2009, Skyrock had over 39 million members.


Friedster is another social networking site which that mostly used in Worldwide and also Pakistan. Friendster was one of the first sites to introduce the concept of online social networking to the Web. Johathan Abrams conceived of the site and launched it in 2012, just two years after the infamous dotcom crash. Abrams saw untapped potential on the World Wide Web you could get to know the people your friends know and expand your social network. Abram’s goal was to create a site that anyone could use. Friendster gained popularity quickly, In 2003, the Internet search giant Google offered to purchase Friendster but a deal couldn’t be reached. Friendster lost its dominated position in the U.S social networking site market when MySpace’s popularity skyrocketed, though it still has a strong user base in the U.S and continues to be very popular in Asia.


51.com is another social networking site which that mostly used in Worldwide and also Pakistan. In the case of 51.com, the audience was a nation: China. In 2008, the site had 120 million members. In other words, more than half of the 210 million Chinese citizens with Internet access at that time had a member account on 51.com. According to comScore, China has passed the United States in overall number of users on the internet but the percentage of Chinese citizens with Internet access is still very low. Members of 51.com can create personalized profile pages, upload photos and write blog posts. The site has a repulation for pretty exceptional user engagement; most members visit the site multiple times each month. The Site plans to launch a major game project, with an investment of more than 100 million yuan (about $14.6 million U.S.) would only enhance this engagement.


Orkut is an online social network owned by Google. Originally based in California, the site now calls Brazil home. While 17 percent of its traffic is from the United states, it never really took off in the U.S. But Brazilians adopted the site as their preferred online social network more than 50 percent of all traffic to Orkut comes from Brazil. According to the analytic firm comScore, more than 20 million Brazilians visited Orkut in September 2008, making it the most popular Web site¬† in Brazil. In that same month, only 893,000 Brazilians visited MySpace. Orkut is also popular in India, which supplies another 17 percent of the site’s traffic. While it may never gain a firm standing in the United States, it’s still a success story.


MySpace is another social networking website which that mostly used in Pakistan and also Worldwide. MySpace in not the oldest online social network, but is helped define them and it incorporates many different Web services into a comprehensive package. Every MySpace profile comes with the ability to post blogs, news items and status updates and create rich, detailed user profiles. All the people who likes that social site can post and share pictures, videos and music, plus can create groups and invite other members to join. But what makes MySpace stand out from the crowd is the sweet sound of free marketing. MySpace is a sort of virtual audition stage to debut new tracks, share information or arrange special shows for their fans. In late 2009, the news broke that MySpace would begin to use Facebook Connect, an API developed by the sites largest rival in the social community market.

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