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UFONE Internet Packages 3G Unlimited Monthly, Weekly & Night

UFONE Internet Packages 3G Unlimited Monthly, Weekly and NightUFONE is one of the most liked cellular service and is used many of the people because of its better and fast coverage and its service is quite instant. Nowadays it is offering number of the internet 3G packages which are being used by number of the people because internet has become the need of everyone and number of the people have become habitual of using it on their own cells because this service and access of internet is now available. So I am going to share with you those Monthly, Weekly and night packages details.


UFONE daily light bucket package: This package is valid for 24 24 hours and the subscription charges are Rs: 10 and it offers 40 MB internet facebook, twitter, line and WhatsApp. For subscription dial *804#,and for un-subscription send ‘un sub’ to 8804.

Daily heavy bucket: for its subscription dial *8042#validity is 24 hours and offers facebook, twitter, line and WhatsApp and have 75 MB internet access. The charges are 15 Rs.

Days bucket: For this package subscription charges are Rs 25 offers 100 MB’s internet i.efacebook, twitter, line WhatsApp and validity is 3 days and timing is 24 hours.

Weekly packages

Weekly ligth package: the charges are Rs 50 and internet access is 250 MB’s timing is 24 hours and validity is 7 days. For subscription dial *7811#.

Weekly heavy bucket: The charges are Rs 125 offers 500 MB internet, timing is 24 hours and validity is 7 days for subscription dial *7815#.

Monthly packages:

Monthly 3GB bucket: For subscription charges are Rs 500 offers 3,096 MB internet 3G validity is 30 days and for subscription*803#.

Monthly 10 GB bucket: The charges for this offer are Rs 1000 and it offers 10.240 MB internet, validity is 30 days and timing is 24 hours for to subscribe dial *5100#.

So these all are the packages and their subscription details.

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