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Warid Call Packages and Details

Warid Call Packages and DetailsWarid Call Packages and complete details of that service are available on here online, now you can make calls with each other, there is very interesting Warid Glow network connection and all the fans of that connection can get all information about the Call packages from here online, Warid Glow now introduced new Call package for friends, Glow super dosti package that is perfect blend that caters to the youth of Pakistan with best rates, that package includes one Dosti Number free forever, best friends and family call rates across all networks at only 45 paisa’s for 30 seconds with exciting SMS and also internet bundles, these all details are available on here.

Warid Telecom promotes its also Crazy hour as “Hourly Package”. warid brings a thrilling offer that lets you make as many calls any time, any day, to as many Warid numbers as you want, Now you can choose 2 hours in a day for your hourly package during which you can make unlimited calls to on-net(Warid to Warid) numbers for Rs. 3+ tax. Warid Telecom is now offering its customers to get their call details in addition to SMS details for their prepaid number. If you already a member on Warid’s Website then sign in and you can view your prepaid call details via call history option available under services. Warid customers can also add freinds and family numbers to enjoy subsidized call rates on various packages, now you can get all call packages and fully information about that packages on this page online, if you touch with us then Lahorimela will be provide you that all calls details of warid telecom on here. All call packages are given below and how to activate and de-activate call packages.

Timings Charges Subscription Charges
11:00 PM – 6:59 PM Rs. 4+tax/hour
7:00 PM – 10:59 PM Rs. 8+tax/hour


How do I activate my Hourly Package?
You can activate your Hourly Package by simply sending an SMS to 2742. E.g. to select 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM as your Hourly Package, just type 9pm and SMS it to 2742. Rs. 0.5+tax/request apply.

Do I need to select my Hourly Package every day?
Yes, you need to choose your Hourly Package every day. Your selected Hourly Package will not automatically be renewed each day.

How can I know which hour has been selected as my Hourly Package?
Type: FIND and SMS to 2742 to know your selected hour. This SMS will be charged at Rs.0.5+tax.

Can I change my Hourly Package after I have selected it for the same day?
Yes, you can change your Hourly Package as many times as you want in a day before the start of the chosen hour. Your latest request will override the previous one.

Is this offer available for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers?
This offer is available for Warid Prepaid customers only, with the flexibility of retaining your current package.

Warid Glow Super Dosti Package Base Tariff:

  • Calls to one Dosti Number: Free Forever (from 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • Calls to one Dosti Number: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds (Between 6pm to 11 PM)
  • Warid to Warid: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds
  • Warid to Other Networks: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds
  • FnF – Warid to Warid: Rs. 0.45 per 30 seconds (between 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • FnF – Other Networks: Rs. 0.45 per 30 seconds (between 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • FnF Numbers: Rs. 1 per 30 Seconds (between 6pm to 11pm)


  1. Up-mentioned call charges are exclusive of government taxes
  2. Maximum of 10 FnF (8 on-net and 2 Off-net) numbers are allowed
  3. Package Charges: Monthly subscription charges for Super Dosti Number are Rs. 10 per month
  4. Users will be charged Rs. 1 on the first call made to their Super Dosti or FnF numbers everyday.
  5. If no calls are made to FnF or Super Dosti Number no charges apply.

How to Activate Super Dosti Package:

  • To activate: SMS Super to 7777 or call 100 for details
  • From Glow1, GLOW 2 & GLOW dosti to GLOW Super Package, charges are Rs. 10
  • From Warid Prepaid to GLOW super Package, charges are Rs. 25

How to add FnF and Dosti Number:

  • Add a Dosti Number: SMS Fre to 2129 @ Rs. 10+tax
  • Add an F&F: SMS Add to 2129 @ Rs. 9+tax
  • Delete an F&F: SMS Del to2 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • See F&F list: SMS List to 2129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you like

Ghanta Offer:

Ghanta offer is a mix of night and day call package by Warid. This is valid only for prepaid customers and they can enjoy all time low rates on calling their heart ones. Switch onto this package after reading the below details with keen interest.

  • You are given a time frame of 12am to 6pm after subscribing to this package.
  • Cost will be Rs.3.99 per hour plus taxes and it will be applicable from the specified time.
  • You will also be charged for a daily subscription fee of Rs.2 plus taxes.
  • This offer will be automatically re-subscribed on next day if sufficient balance exists in your account.
  • The calls from 6pm to 12am will be charged as per the original package.
  • For subscribing to this package, SMS ‘GH’ to 3333.
  • To unsubscribe, write ‘Ghanta off’ and send it to 3333.

Crazy Nights:

Crazy Nights is the best package offered from Warid Telecom. You can talk on on-net calls for hours while paying almost nothing. Along with call offer, Crazy Nights also offers the unlimited free SMS. Details of this package are as under:

  • Make unlimited calls at Warid to Warid numbers from 12am to 7am.
  • Send unlimited SMS to Warid numbers from 12am to 7am.
  • The package also allows you to make international calls to Canada, UK and USA for Rs.1.5 plus tax per minute.
  • Daily charges for subscription of this package are Rs.25 plus taxes.
  • The activation charges for this package are Rs.10 plus taxes.
  • The subscription method is very simple. Dial 321 and follow the instructions to activate this package.

InfiNite Craze:

Warid ZEM offers a thrilling package which allows you to make infinite calls to any five FnF numbers. This InfiNite Craze offer also allows you to send unlimited SMS to any number. Details of this offer are as follows:

You can talk to any five FnF numbers free from 12am to 7am.
With zem InfiNite Craze offer, you can also send unlimited SMS across Pakistan.
The charges for this offer are Rs.10 plus tax per day.
You can subscribe to this offer by dialing 321 and selecting InfiNite Craze.
Charges for selecting FnF numbers are Rs.7 plus taxes per number.

Glow Super Dosti Package Terms:

  1. Base tariff Re.1 will be charged on all calls from 6pm till 11pm
  2. All calls will be charged per 30 sec billing
  3. Re.1 will charged to all SMS sent to 7777
  4. Subscription charges of Rs.10/Month will be charged for Dosti number
  5. Re.1/day will be deducted on First call made to F&F and Dosti number in a day
  6. MMS will be charged for Sending and Receiving
  7. MMS unit is a message size of 300KB on-net and 100KBfor off-net and International Numbers
  8. Happy Hour, Raat Din and other packages will not be allowed on Super Dosti Package
  9. All Glow SMS & Mobile Internet bundles can be activated on this package
  10. This is limited time offer
  11. All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
  12. Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes 10% withholding tax.
  13. Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA


  1. Hourly package can be activated on which package??

    • you can activate hourly Warid Call Package on ZEM. Here below is the procedure how can activate it.

      and that package called happy hour.

      1: Write “2pm” or else what time you want.
      2: Send it to “2742”

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