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Zong Free Internet Packages

Zong Free Internet PackagesZONG is also offering bundles of packages nowadays and is the most used cellular service and nowadays everyone is using internet on cellphones in this modern era internet has become need of each and every person so that’s why all are using net in cell phones on a great extent. So ZONG is giving exciting internet packages on low rates and high speed internet. So here I am going to tell you those daily. Monthly and weekly packages.

Daily packages:

  1. For to subscribe Daily mini package one have to SMS ‘mini’to 6464 and charges are Rs:4 only validity is only one day and give 4MB internet access.
  2. For to subscribe daily basic package SMS to ‘db’ 6464 and charges are Rs10 and validity is 1day and offers 30 MB internet.
  3. For to get offer for daily premium package charges are Rs20 and for subscription SMS’dp’6464 and validity is one day and offers 80 MB internet access.
  4. For weekly premium charges are Rs70 and its for its subscription SMS ‘weekly’ to6464 and it offers 280 MB internet and its validity is one week.
  5. For monthly mini package charges include Rs50 which offers 150 MB internet and its validity is 30 days and for its subscription SMS to ‘m150mb to 6464.
  6. For monthly basic package charges are Rs150 and offers 500 MB and validity is 30 days for subscription SMS ‘M500mb’ to 6464.
  7. For monthly premium package charges are Rs250 which offers 1GB and validity is 30 days. For subscription SMS to ‘m1gb’to 6464.
  8. For another monthly premium package subscription SMS ‘m2gb’to 6464 its validity is 30 days and charges include Rs350 and offers 2GB internet.
  9. Once again for another monthly premium -4GBpackage You have to send SMS ‘m4gb’to 6464 and its validity is 30 days and offers 4 GB internet in Rs 650.
  10. For subscription of monthly premium-10 GB package SMS ‘m10gb’ to 6464 and get 10 GB internet access and its valid for one month and charges include Rs:1500.

So these are the internet packages which are offered by ZONG for its users.

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